HTC's 2010 Android Smartphone Lineup Leaked, Revealed

Say hello to your HTC Android devices for 2010. The Legend, Salsa, Tide, Buzz, and Bravo would like to meet you. After the recent leak of HTC's device codenames, we now have pictures and early specs to associate to those names. There's definitely a lot of exciting stuff coming from HTC and all these devices are currently targeted for release in the first half of 2010.

HTC has more or less split up their 2010 Android product lineup into three categories: social, design/lifestyle and performance (or as we call it, low, mid, and high). It looks like for 2010, HTC will introduce different form factors (front facing QWERTY candybar!) and new experiences. We're ridiculously excited.

Read on to see HTC's 2010 Android Smartphone Lineup!


HTC Legend

HTC Salsa

HTC Tide

HTC Buzz

HTC Bravo

Casey Chan
  • OMFG I love the Buzz and the tide! The Buzz looks like it will be a monster machine, but the tide is simple and looks to me like a winner.. The salsa is awesome too.. cant wait to see those prices and cariers!!!
  • So if the espresso is not on this list, it's not likely until the second half of 2010?
  • I'm betting AT&T will not be offering any of them.
  • I want the bravo on tmobile. Plzzzzzzzz
  • For some of us, "oldies" truly means "never-ending classics", always worth stealing!! iPhone 1st gen. - check; Nokia E61i - check... What else? :D
  • For some of us, "oldies" truly means "never-ending classics", always worth stealing!! iPhone 1st gen. - check; Nokia E61i - check... What else? :D
  • The Dragon/Passion not being on the list simply means that device was slated for late 2009....and was delayed to 2010. This is the taking into account embarrassing delays.
  • Actually I was at a Verizon Store on Sat talking to the sales rep about their BOGO on the Droid/Droid Eris and I asked him about the Passion, and he said that's the phone he is waiting for and it is suppose to be available before Xmas but no official release date has been given. He did say that the BOGO was the result of them trying to sell as many Droid and Droid Eris's before the next batch of phones hit. My guess like many, is that after tomorrow it will be past 30 days for those who bought the Droids on their first day. Wait a week or two more and majority of Droid owners are going to miss out on the Passion's release and wish they should have waited. Most phone buyers have no clue about BGR, Phone Arena, Android Central, etc... so they don't know a better phone then the Droid is about to arrive.
  • How is Passion better than Droid? 1. Same screen size
    2. Similar performance chipsets (snapdragon MHZ is capped and weaker DSP and GPU than 3430, so both chipsets offset and are equal).
    3. Passion has no keyboard.
    4. Uses same app market If anything, Droid is better than Passion due to similar features and the Droid has a keyboard. I tried the Droid for two weeks and thought is was great, but prefer the N900 due to better video codec support, 32gb built in plus microsd, as well as web features. BTW, Google phone is expected to mainly be on Tmo for a while and sold as unlocked- Verizon is spending too much TV money to be pushing another device any time soon.
  • Agreed. By all indications the Passion will be out in Dec and at the lastest Jan. The Passion for Verizon and I believe TMobile USA. Sort of like how they did the HTC Touch Pro series. It "may" have been delayed but it definitely exists and will be out shortly. I'm glad I waited myself. We should hear more information towards mid December.
  • so what does the passion/dragon not being on this list mean?
  • Please let the Bravo be on AT&T.
  • SOMETHING PLEASEEEEEE! i have been waiting to get rid of this dreaded iphone! i want a palm, android phone, or a nokia phone next year after they do their updates.
  • Oh, this is excellent. Instead of figuring out what people really want, HTC is releasing a half dozen phones in a half dozed form factors, hoping one will take off. Let the customer confusion ensue.
  • Oddly enough, different people have different needs, so having multiple form factors is a good thing. In fact, if it weren't for ridiculously restrictive US carrier policies, people would probably have multiple phones and pick the best one for where they are going (business meeting, night on the town, beach, etc.).
  • Bravo=Passion/Dragon MAYBE
    Of course, since it was generally accepted that the Passion/Dragon was due out this year, its likely it was planned too early to be on this brochure.
    Of course, the Passion/Dragon probably doesn't exist because there is no way that HTc would release something SO similar with worse specs.
    Go to the actula source of this atricle and check out some more information. They deserve the credit.
  • This seemes to be a list of HTC's upcoming T-Mo phones, not a complete list of all 2010 phones?
  • Thanks! I was just reading the comments thinking, "But this is just a listing of T-Mobile Phones!" We have no idea what is going to be coming to the other carriers just yet acept for that list from inside the 2.1 leak. So, let the speculation continue!
  • The buzz looks great if it were to come to Verizon I may be picking it up
  • All of the phones mention both radios for both WCDMA/HSPA 900/2100 Mhz AND GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz. This shows that they are really looking at widescale release on all carriers. It makes them sellable in all markets on all continents. If the GSM phone is capable of all that, it can run on AT&T's network as well as T-Mobile. Maybe this is a sign that AT&T will finally get an Android phone. They'll be losing exclusivity on the iPhone soon. It makes sense for them to try to find other phones that can keep people happy with their network. Consumer reports listed them and Sprint as fighting for last in their BEST ranking.
  • I think the Bravo may come to Sprint. In the third picture I think it says "with blistering fast processing of 4G". If that is true then Sprint is the only company i know of with a viable 4G network. Does anyone know if the network it lists is capable of WiMax? Maybe I will hold off on my play to buy the Hero. :)
  • Never mind - That is 1Gz not 4G.
  • oh my gawd, they all say release days of like march or april
  • The "clickable optical mouse" on the Legend looks interesting, especially for games. I wonder if that phone's OS include a cursor like the Android-x86 project? The Salsa is obviously a swing at the BlackBerry. I'd love an Android phone with a non-slide keyboard like that. Not sure how much I'd like 2.6" QVGA though. That's essentially half a G1/Magic/Hero display, which is already pretty cramped.
  • The Legend is clearly the follow up to the Hero and I LOVE it. Oh for the love that is all things Holy, PLEASE let this phone be released on Verizon and DO NOT change the design. The Legend looks more like the Euro Hero. IMHO, the Hero series is the perfect size for me. These new monster screen devices are cool and all, but I think 3.2-3.5" is the sweet spot for people who truly want a pocketable device. +1 for Legend on Verizon.
  • It seems like a lot of effort has been put in those "scanned" pages, and though I am not usually a big skeptic I do believe for them to be fake. The names and specs may be close to true, but highly speculative. I just refuse to believe that HTC would produce such poorly made leaflets, the wording just doesn't seem right, the typography is off, et cetera.
  • If you actually remember the first leaked roadmap back in January, the typography and such was the same. Looked like a 1st grader made it in school. But look at how much of that roadmap turned out to be true.
  • Anyone notice how bad the batteries are for these? One is running a 1150.... I have an Eris and a 1300 sucks enough.
  • 100% agree with beerad except for verizon. PLEASE let that exact design in that exact color come out for sprint!!! PLEASE!!
  • No CDMA phones?
  • Where does VZ sit with all of these new phones?
  • ياعمري متى بشكه الأجهزه هذي حتتسوق عندنا بالسعوديه ؟؟ ياليل مطولك
  • i WAN'T BRAVO!!!
  • Not one device with a real keyboard?? You all are a bunch of non-gaming goobers;) Need the keyboard for emulators.
  • When to a Tmobile store looking at the G1, he told me to wait until March because the will be launching another G phone with keypad. Does anyone have details?
  • the Bravo seems like a Nexus One with an optical trackpad and FM radio (although hearing rumors the Nexus One does also have an FM radio chip on board)... and the Nexus One also does 720p HD video capture... but nice lineup... the Legend is like a Hero on steroids... chin and all... optical trackpad... it should have appeal to many that like the Hero/G1 form factor...
  • i think that att should got the bravo it looks nice and i wouldnt mind buying that phone at all
  • Salsa looks like they took a blackberry and made it AMAZING, very...clean. Its nice. I think the Tide is the future of Little Jimmy and Sarah's first cellphone. Simple, but cool.