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HTC U11+ wallpapers are now available for download

The U11+ is HTC's new hotness, and the phone that I would buy in a heartbeat ... if it were available in the U.S. For anyone else who's unable or just uninterested in picking up the U11+, but still wants the wallpapers, developer LlabTooFeR has made them available to download.

There are 21 wallpapers in total, ranging from geometric shapes and structures to more fluid, liquid-like patterns, all with a variety of colors to choose from. My personal favorites are the last three in the collection, which look like colorized closeups of the rings in a tree trunk. We have a preview of some of the included wallpapers, as well a link to download the full set.

Download the U11+ wallpapers!

Are you planning on getting the U11+? Or at the very least, using its colorful collection of wallpapers?

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Hayato was a product reviewer and video editor for Android Central.

  • They look like PowerPoint graphics. Pass.
  • Lol
  • Looks like **** on my pixel. Pass.
  • I would take the phone and leave the wallpapers.
  • Absolutely this. The fact that it's not being sold in the US is a travesty. F-U Google.
  • Can we still buy the international unlocked version from like Amazon and use it for TMobile or AT&T?
  • Trash
  • I would definitely get the U11+ ASAP 😌😌😎