Droid Thunderbolt breaks cover -- with a speaker under that kickstand?

There you have it, folks. The HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon, in all its unofficial glory. We show you the rear here (and the front after the break) because it's what's most interesting to us. That appears to either be a speaker underneath the kickstand, or an exhaust port for some sort of warp drive. We're leaning toward the former, as we're not expecting HTC to go dual-core Snapdragon just yet. But that be a happy surprise, would it not?

Also note that there's a "With Google" label, so we're not expecting any of that Bing nastiness on the Thunderbolt. Droid Life's got 11 more pics you should check out, so hit up the source link. We're gonna be all over this thing at CES next week. [Droid Life]

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HTC Thunderbolt

Phil Nickinson
  • Its the EVO imposter LOL this is sad very very sad
  • dont know but the evo doesn't have a speaker under the kick stand .. camera lens look smaller also ... only thing it has like the evo is the size! thats it
  • EVO similarities: Size and Shape
    Headphone Jack Identical
    Kick Stand
    Front and Rear Cameras You are right they are nothing alike.
  • Yeah, when I first saw it I thought to myself, Verizon must be jealous of the EVO and needed their own. Can't wait for the EVO 2 in June. Like a fool I went with the Epic and now I've been stuck with Android 2.1 for months now. Dumb Samsung.
  • I wish AT&T was "jealous" and copied the EVO. I think it's a great phone. I have a Captivate and though the phone is great and to me has great potential I would like updates and stable GPS as well...Hopefully with Verizon getting the iPhone, AT&T will get better Android phones...(fingers crossed.)
  • You guys are such a bunch of babies !!! Copy of the Evo give me a break , who cares ?? Evo is a copy of the HD2 . Verizon isnt jealous of anything Sprint has , especially there crap network . and besides ALL HTC phones are similiar and all have the same crap battery life . You couldnt give me another HTC product , garbage!!!
  • Who's being a baby? Do you need some Dexitin on your rear? Geeze.
  • Crap network?? You probably look at that expensive Verizon bill each month and wonder where all that money is going. You must be brain washed by all their marketing theyre using your money for. Its funny even TMobile beat them to the punch. Ive been enjoying 4G on my Evo for the last 6 months. Sprint may not be as big and in your face as Verizon is but they hold their own and beat Verizon to the punch everytime...first to have camera phones, color screens, simply everything plans, 4G, and the best phone on the market to date, the Evo. Glad to see Big Red is finally putting out some 4G....cant wait to see how much it costs and how bad they exaggerate their 4G map lol
  • What do you expect. It is a large screen phone. Any phone is going to look like a rectangle. Do you expect them to make a "Q" shaped phone. By your standards all cell phones in general must be copies of the Evo. Would you expect a large screen phone to not have a kickstand for watching movies and TV? Would you not expect any phone coming out next year that is high end not to have a front facing camera, or should they place the camera on the side of the phone? Headphone jack. . Oh I guess there is a differnt way to make a 3.5mm hole? Or how about 4G... well I guess you have a way to make a 4G phone that isn't 4G?? The ignorance just kills me sometimes....
  • Imposter? All HTC phones are an evolution of the last. They just keep getting better. If you can't handle that yours is more than a couple months old, you need to schill out the big bucks. You only get to be the lead role for a couple of months in this show.
  • Yeah, I overstated a bit on the "they keep getting better" part, some are of coarse going to be bombs. But before I get tagged a fanboy, I own a Moto X. ;)
  • Someone seems a bit insecure.
  • I agree in a different way. HTC is getting lazy with their devices lately. shipping out the same phones but just renaming them. You have to admit this is pretty much the Evo1.5..Still I'd have to run with the Evo because of the slightly better look. especially the red around the camera. *giggles
  • Just HTC? How about all the Galaxy S variants? They do it because the carriers want their own phones. At least they're giving each phone a little boost from its siblings. If this phone had a 3.7 inch screen, everyone would say its a G2 without a keyboard or a beefed up Incredible (like they were doing anyway). If it were 3.2, they would call it a beefed up Aria or Legend or (gulp) Wildfire. There's only so much you can do with a phone.
  • Its pretty much Verizon's "evo"
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  • and this is why we need to bring back the spam filter.
  • i call that advertising
  • What do you mean bring it *back*? It blocked one of my posts just yesterday! :/
  • It blocked mine too. I split the exact same content up over three posts and it all went in just fine. Yet that stuff above slips in. WTF?!??! There are several lies in the spam filter page. They claim the posts are put into a queue for review and may appear later. They never do.
    They ask for feed back as to why it should appear, they never look at it.
  • It's an Evo for Verizon...big deal. I will be hoping for something dual-core next week.
  • Yeah, if the internals aren't anything special then it's just an Evo with a speaker behind the stand which is...meh.
  • What you don't realize is the huge difference in 4G. Sprint's 4G frequency is complete garbage and is unusable. So the EVO can't be called a 4G phone if it doesn't work with 4G. On the flip side, Verizon's 4G frequency will be over the top and have better signal than any other phone/cell company ever had. 700MHz > 2.5GHz
  • Wait don't Verizon need more close towers to get the same results as fewer towers of Sprint's network? Also you only call Sprint's network garbage but my Evo has hit 11 mbs in some places and Verizon lte can barely hit 4-6mbs. Don't be such an a$$, and take your BS somewhere else,
  • If anything, Verizon's network is better because 700 MHz needs fewer towers than Sprint/Clear WiMax that runs on the 2.6 GHz bandwidth. It also penetrates thick buildings better. Sprint/Clear need more towers to get the same results as VZW. Now there are advantages to what spectrum Sprint has, namely that they have much more of it. However let's be fair Sprint and Verizon are still two of the best carriers out there though so I don't know if there's a big reason for a flame war. I think Sprint will eventually go to LTE on the old iDEN SMR spectrum and Verizon might buy some 2.6 from the oncoming flames of Clear to add bandwidth.
  • So when are you two gonna start comparing how big and bad your dad is an how he has a chainsaw??? Seriously, keep the childish in house fighting for facebook.
  • Actually, the tower thing is the other way around. Don't get me wrong, I love Sprint. I just think that they made a horrible decision for 4G. The frequency they used makes for horrible in-building coverage( and who is going to use 4G outside?). We don't have very pretty winters where I live, and I ain't going out in 5 degree weather to use 4G. Look up, LTE vs. WiMAX and you'll find the coverage issues there is with WiMAX 2.5GHz. WiMAX is wonderful and very fast WHEN YOU CAN GET IT. I have an EVO myself and I know what you mean. I didn't mean to seem like an "a$$". Sorry.
  • Actually, the tower thing is the other way around. Don't get me wrong, I love Sprint. I just think that they made a horrible decision for 4G. The frequency they used makes for horrible in-building coverage( and who is going to use 4G outside?). We don't have very pretty winters where I live, and I ain't going out in 5 degree weather to use 4G.
  • Ive used the Verizon 4G LTE. Its effing fast. 15mbs UP speed test, wouldnt say it is BS.
  • Jerry, the Spam filter never left. It got me yesterday. I had to erase over half of my comment for it to post.
  • im special in this forums :D
  • It's a Verizon Evo.
    With a speaker.....nice addition but not needed on my Evo
  • EVO Haters! smh
  • What is the hole below the speaker?
  • Also note that there's a "With Google" label...
    am I the only one that doesn't see it :S :S :S :S
  • Follow the link to droid life as the article suggest.
  • I'm really hoping for a Q1 release for this phone. I cant wait to get this thing in hands.
  • Meh, I'm sticking with my evo til the evo2 come out
  • I have an HTC Eris and well I can say that it has "with Google" on the back and well it's not stock Google so who knows what this phone will have but my bet would be on it having sense.
  • 'With Google' doesn't mean stock Android, it just means it's running and using Google's apps and services. Basically all it means is 'No Bing here!'. ...Which is a glorious thing, really.
  • my bad I miss read the above post
  • It would seem that HTC learned a few things from the camera it put on the EVO (which scratches easily, IMHO). This one looks recessed. I haven't seen the specs but I'd expect it to be the same as or better than that of the EVO. Might we expect some of this goodness on whatever replaces the EVO? Hmmmm?
  • How does thunder, bolt? Thunder rumbles - lightning bolts....jeeze...
  • Also note the placement of the charging port. You can't charge and kickstand at the same time.
  • No, the phone is just standing magically by itself vertically with the kickstand open and the charging port exposed in the pictures.
  • Im sure that he mean that you cant have the phone on landscape, which is how I use the kickstand, and charge it at the same time. You can have the kickstand vertical, but who the hell wants that?
    I want to watch a movie in landscape mode.
  • that thing will actually stand up like that?
  • the single greatest thing ever!! i cant wait!
  • Anyone with me when I say the speakers might be muffled by the kickstand?
  • Being that the kickstand looks to be metal, my guess is the sound will simply vibrate off of it like there is nothing covering it. The metal doesn't look thick enough to block sound.
  • It's definitely pointless unless you have the kickstand open and being as someone that never uses the kickstand with my evo...pointless to me.
  • Until we see the internals it's merely an Evo with a speaker behind the stand. And as someone that has never used his stand, nor have I seen anyone use their stand and I know 5 people with an Evo, it's kinda pointless.
  • Well, by the time this device comes around, the EVO will have been out for nearly a year. I think that's a pretty sure bet that the Thunderbolt is packing more features and power than the EVO.
  • And you don't think there will be an Evo 2.0 for Sprint this summer?
    Be real.
  • "Be real", you were comparing it to the EVO not the theoretical "EVO 2.0".
  • Huh?
    All we've seen is some photos.
    We don't know anything about the device.
    What we do know right now indicates that it is basically an Evo with a speaker behind the stand. Speculation is that it won't even have a dual-core processor which indicates it may not be much more impressive than the Evo itself.
  • You're lost.
  • no, you're in complete denial, clearly.
  • LoL okay...I'm not the one butt-sore because I locked myself into a lagging carrier like Sprint. You are obviously hating on any device that isn't for Sprint because you are defending the EVO like it's your mother.
  • Trenen, at any point you can stop putting words in my mouth. I never defended the Evo or anything of the sort. I merely said that, until we know what the internals are, we don't know shit about this and until then it is merely the Evo. You are the only one talking shit here. Bad mouthing Sprint and such
  • Not really. You have put up a defense for the EVO this whole time (paraphrasing) "if it's not such and such it's just an EVO", "when the EVO 2.0 comes out...". I didn't put those words on this thread.
  • So because I compare something [because it looks JUST LIKE IT] I'm defending what I'm comparing it to..huh?? Are you some kind of moron?
  • Calm down guys. No need to argue so much about it, regardless of carriers, we all like Android right? That's why we're here, to read and talk about Android stuff. No need to get so worked up. Just sit back and watch the cool phones come out, we may disagree on which ones are the cool ones, but to each their own right?
  • hmmmm...apparently its just an evo with a speaker on the back...NO!! were talking about a complete redesign of the phone inside and out like the new sense, the new snapdragon processor, and of course...its for Verizon!! boooo yaa!!
  • You don't even know what the changes on the inside are.
    These are merely pictures and speculation.
  • my storm is starten to look like that old mop in those stupid commercials...it knows its time for something way better
  • Lmao! My Storm2 is on ebay & my used Dinc comes in the mail tomorrow, so I can have something good till this phone drops.
  • Okay, so it's an Evo on Verizon... and? I thought most of you Evo guys loved your Evos, whats the problem? We can't all be blessed with excellent Sprint service, guys.
  • People that are jealous of something 'competing with the EVO' are just jealous because some carriers actually pop out cutting-edge devices more than once ever year or two.
  • Riiiiiight. What gives you the belief that this phone will be "cutting edge"? Because it LOOKS just like a phone that WAS cutting edge?
  • Let's see now...
    Cutting edge: "up-to-date: in accord with the most fashionable ideas or style;" What we know of the Thunderbolt...has 'at least' comparable specs to the EVO and operates on the newest cellular technology, LTE. Yup, by definition it's cutting edge.
  • Riiiight. Too bad when we speak of cutting edge when speak about everything. Simply running Verizon's LTE is NOT "cutting edge". If the processor is the same core phones are using now...it's not cutting edge by any means.
  • So now you're making up your own definition? It implements entirely new LTE technology. That automatically makes it cutting-edge in the cellular world. To be cutting edge, the item does not have to encompass 'everything'.
  • So will practically every phone released from here on out [til the next new internet technology] does that make them cutting edge?
  • Seriously? I gave you a 2nd grade definition of cutting edge. Figure that answer out yourself.
  • So I guess that EVERY PHONE, prior to 4g, that was 3g was cutting edge too huh? Puh-lease
  • wow. I can't believe you still don't understand what it means to be 'cutting edge'. I'm done with this portion. Moving on.
  • So, what are you two's thoughts on politics...LOL! You all need a joint blog. You guys make me homesick for my family....sigh...
    Take your shit somewhere else and stop with the god damn nonsense. I came here to look at an awesome new phone and read the comments of people have to say and their opinions on a new device with a new 4G technology; NOT TO SCROLL THROUGH THOUSANDS OF COMMENTS OF TWO IDIOTS ARGUING ABOUT FUCKING EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The Evo is a great phone for summer 2010.
    Not for 2011.
    The internals are aging. If this device isn't even going to have dual-core processing power then it is a little dated before it's even released.
  • Like a multi-core processor on a computer...power is shit if the software doesn't take advantage of it.
  • I love love love when people call technological progress "shit" or "pointless". Do you honestly think that Google won't have an Android version coming out that supports dual core processing?
    My guess is Honeycomb, and if not that then the next version, will.
  • It is shit and pointless. If it's not used, it's pointless being there, thus is worth shit. Are you really not comprehending that?
  • Are you comprehending how stupid you sound? Goddamn dude.
    Just because it's not used yet [EVEN THOUGH ITS NOT EVEN OUT TO THE PUBLIC YET] doesn't mean it won't be used WHEN IT IS RELEASED. God damn.
  • The only person being stupid here is you. You are degrading a device because it's not 'dual core'. Okay, I'm degrading everything for not being QUAD. Your argument is dumb. A single core can operate more efficiently than a dual core. Just because it has the word 'dual' in it, doesn't automatically make things better.
  • I'm not degrading the device because it's not dual-core. I'm simply saying that, until we know more, it is nothing but the Evo with a speaker in the back.
    And assuming and getting worked up about it is silly. You are the one that took exception to it being called the Evo for Verizon.
  • If we know nothing about it, how can you even state that it's 'nothing but the Evo with a speaker in the back'. That's contradicting. Might as well say the Thunderbolt is another iPhone. After all, they are theoretically similar, aren't they?
  • Dude, you are the one that started this with taking exception to it being compared to the Evo. I said until we know what the internals are, it IS JUST THE EVO on verzion. Once we know what the internals are, who knows. But as has been said by the article writer, it probably won't have the newer technology.
    Thus it will likely be very comparable to the Evo.
    The problem with that?
    Well, just the fact that the Evo came out half a year ago.
  • Really? Looks to me like a big Incredible (apparently to others as well since this was once known as the 'Incredible HD'). What constitutes 'newer' technology then? This phone leaked out in some form a while back and then vanished. Time later, it resurfaces with a brand new radio. You really think that HTC and Verizon are going to release a new LTE device without giving it an update all around? Dual-core? Possibly not, but that doesn't mean the processor inside can't perform just as well.
  • I think if they discount the price then it would sell even with an ''older'' processor. Also, no, sorry it looks more like the Evo. The Incredible has that extra area under the buttons.
  • lol, I just threw out the Incredible HD thing because the 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. Being an Evo user, that's the first thing you would compare something to I'm sure. They don't have to discount anything because of an 'older' processor. If it performs as good as the other high end devices, it pays for itself. Of course, if it performs worse than the other high end devices, a discount would be in order (which happens anyway, ie..Droid 1, Eris, etc).
  • i know everything
  • I can't wait for this phone, my upgrade is in febuary and this will be my first droid phone moving on from blackberry. I'm sick of waiting for Blackberry to catch up with the rest of the world.
  • I feel your pain. I was hoping for this phone to be my first android device, but this Storm2 pisses me off daily.
  • Cool. Sprint is almost exactly one year ahead of Verizon. Can't wait to see what Sprint has in store for my yearly upgrade.
  • I love this comment because of how imbecilic and untrue it is. The EVO and the INC are the EXACT SAME PHONE, the only differences are the front facing camera and the screen size. That is the only decent android device sprint has, if sprint is so far advacned why is it that Verizon carries the largest variety of android based phones on the market? If you knew anything about 4G you would know that sprint's is a "pseudo-4G", it has been called 3.5G by most. The LTE network will destroy all other 4G upon release, I'm not saying other companies won't catch up but currently Verizons 3G is the best on the market so It seems suitable that it's LTE/4G will follow suit.continued....
  • ......Regardless of what this new phone looks like (I think it looks like a hybrid of the incredible and the evo), It will surely have better specs, do you really think HTC is gonna just toss year old hardware into a new 4G phone? C'mon, seriously? I really think that the majority of people commenting on this are very tech illiterate, all you are saying is "looks like the evo","just an evo ripoff"ect ect ect. Do somemore research people, you sound like sprint fanboys with no knowlege of what you are boasting. This may not be a duocore phone, it may look similar to the evo and/or the incredible but the appearance of a phone does not mean it will run a certain way or contain certain hardware. So annoying.
  • I can help you with a point, how MANY Android phones in a 3-4 month time do Verizonneed to to make a good Android phone, the Droid inc, the Droid x, Droid 2-which got discontinuedalmost right after for the 4th, Droid pro. In for months, and you brag about how many Android phones Verizon has? Thats not something to brag about as its takes forever for any of those 4 Android phones to be updated, but the Evo by itself has had the best updates 1st, no need for more Android phones back to back. Evo and Epic are all they need to sell, 1 with and without a keyboard. Hope that helps.
  • Hmm, I like how you avoided all of my other facts, that is pretty impressive. The phones you speak of were not discontinued, they were replaced, there is a difference. It proves that google and android put more effort into verizon, they upgrade versions of their flagship phones, The evo came out not too long after the Droid did, I notice that the droid now has a faster replacement "Droid2", wonder why that didn't happen for the evo? continued.....
  • ....The Epic is epic fail, it is just the exact same thing as all the other galaxy S phones, the exact same specs, you cannot even use that in an arguement because verizon has the Fascinate, and AT&T has the Captivate ect. The amount of phones verizon carries as opposed to other companies with android is definitely something to brag about. They have more of googles attention than any other company. Hope that helps ;)
  • So Verizon needs 4-5 Android phone to compete with 2 Sprint Android phones, 1 Android at&t phone and 3 Android phones on T-Mobile? And the inc came out before the Evo but my Evo got 2.2 froyo 1st, and WILL get gingerbread before any of the Droid phones. Legit I mean without the rooting process. Sprint has been on top of updates for the Evo where Verizon has not and would need to make updates for all of there so called more Android devices which would delay the update. The Epic is Samsungs problem about froyo so I can't count on that, but with a few Android devices the more time and focus you have on that/those devices to update in a time frame. That's why more Android devices are not always best as each would need its custom update tweaked for that phone.
  • It looks far more like a Desire HD, which is specced out better than the EVO BTW, but I digress. It would be nice if more people were aware of the international progress in mobile tech.
  • i get a kick out of these message boards once in awhile..bunch of techies arguing shit!...im just looking for a new phone/multi media device...no such thing as cutting edge...whats good today is old tomorrow..helloooo but on the same hand like something that was decent for a second..i still have my original storm 1 that still functions after updates and a reboot every 12 hrs app...but looking for something more i can really tinker with so switching to a droid
  • not getting a 4g phone. FUCK EM. we don't pay extra to use 3g, why should we have to pay extra to use 4g. they rob enough of our money
  • Whoever said anything about paying extra? No prices or plans have been announced. For all we know it will cost the same. Besides, you can't honestly expect NEW technology to cost the same as old, right? I mean...that's just outright ignorant if that's the case.
  • when 3g came out it wasn't extra money. people who have 4g on sprint pay extra for it. my friend is vzw manager he says there coming out with all new plans when 4 g comes out. as well as paying extra for 4g
  • DOLT!!!!
  • I hope this has another speaker too or it's the surround all over again
  • God people on this site argue about the stupidist shit sometimes... and all in order to flex their android nerd cred. Congratulations.
  • Gorgeous
  • people that argue the carriers must live in the big city...in the sticks your kinda stuck the 3g 4g thing i am kinda interested in...never get 4g here so in my mind just because the phone is 4g capable doesnt mean i need a 4g plan im hoping..i just want something with better guts inside so it stays stable if i wanna take a picture run certain apps etc. and extra sec or two download means nothing everybody is so impatient! get back to working at mc d's for another week just to pay your phone bill
  • I agree with your point. Sucks to be in the boonies, I've been there. McDonalds though? That's a bit below my skill set, and with my salary an extra $30 a month isn't anything to sweat over, really. :)
  • lol had to throw it in! think half if not more of these people in here are still in highschool arguing about some tech device they think they need and cant afford $100+ phone bill a month is pretty steep on minimum wage i make 50,000 a year which is pretty flockin low and it still pisses me of about the phone bill but ya do it anyhow...whos phone is better isnt gonna get u pussy..who car is better might but then u better b paying the insurance!..lol
  • My business runs off my phone...so $130/month is a business expense. Now, for the average-joe, yeah, that's a hefty bill...but then again...why would the average-joe be using a device "ultimately" intended for business use? I don't need my phone or car to get poony, I'm 'eternally' hitched and have it on call 24/7 with 1 week off a month :)
  • $130/month wtf? Thats insane and people pay it. Thank goodness for Sprint and their better network.
  • That "kickstand" looks like it would break off the first day! or "catch" as you took it out of your pocket, PTL NO BING!
  • If you've ever used an Evo you'd know that the kickstand rarely gets used. It has been used as an inner ear itcher for me more than a kickstand.
  • Dnt c what ur all complaining about, its basically a desire hd for the us with 4G front camera and kick stand. The desire hd is every bit as good as an evo on specs just lacks the 4G really if that was release here in the UK it would be my next Android for sure HTC all the way.
  • This phone is the HTC desire HD, not the EVO!!!
  • Yep but as I said the desire hd is every bit as good bang in 4G tech with the new 1ghz snapdraggon the front camera and the kick stand an you guys are getting a Hell of a phone its a suped up desire hd
  • Eh I'll wait for Moto to come to verizon with something worth my time. Really hoped HTC would offer up something good for once.
  • I'll be very happy if the DOLT is "only" an upgraded EVO.I'm sure it'll make me happy until my next yearly upgrade becomes available.
  • Dual-core Evo2 coming to Sprint this Spring.
  • Opps, wrong reply button.
  • And we know this how?
  • ZOMG this phone is Wizard! It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine. On a different note however, is anyone else a confused by the name. I mean what exactly is a Thunderbolt? How can you have a bolt of thunder? A lightning bolt I get, but... Now since my keyboard doesn't have a sarcasm key (yet) I'll just come out and say that I am being facetious. I'm fully aware that "thunderbolt" is an accepted term, I have always just found it quite illogical and prefer "lightning bolt".
  • Why illogical? It's just lightning with thunder.
  • because zeus held a thunderbolt in his hand to rule the other gods and mere mortals......SO WILL I hold this thunderbolt to rule you
  • "A thunderbolt is another term for a discharge of lightning accompanied by a loud thunderclap or a symbolic representation thereof. In its original usage the word may also have been a description of meteors,, or of the consequences of a close approach between two planetary cosmic bodies, although this is not currently the case."
  • Maybe Verizon can use those old BB Storm 2 commercials.Just digitally replace the BB with the DOLT.
  • To the one that said Sprint only has pseudo 4G: Your lack of knowledge is shining. Wimax and Lte are very similar, and provide the same speeds. Some call them both pseudo 4G...but not me.
  • DOLT!!
  • This is all nice, but how much is 4g going to cost?Is it going to be unlimited? I think it will be tiered and cost more than 3g. That's why I got my DROIDX last week instead.
  • Looked at the DroidLife photos. Is it me or is there no HDMI port?
    Plus, with HTC's stellar accessory track record(sarcastic), I'm hesitant to ever buy another HTC phone again. Had the Hero...no accessories. Had the Incredible...no accessories. Bought the Droid X....love it and have two mutlimedia docks and the car dock.
  • While I'm excited about the new phones, and I don't know if this one has it... I won't buy a new phone without hdmi out. I use mine all the time for jetflix. Droidx
  • And I agree with above user. I have a multimedia dock and car dock for my droidx.... and absolutely love them. A must for future purchases.
  • I will be waiting for the Monster from Motorola to be released that will destroy the Evo and every other wanna be 4g phone !!!
  • I will be waiting for the Monster from Motorola to be released that will destroy the Evo and every other wanna be 4g phone !!!
  • Why is everyone complaining about this being a copy of the "evo". Ok design wise yes it is. But it has nothing to do with verizon. HTC designed the damn thing and if you haven't noticed lately all there phones are starting to look a like. Heck the Evo was a copy of the HD2. This is going to be my next phone. If you guys don't like it wait for Motorola's Dual Core 4g phone thats rumored to be coming out for Verizon also.
  • WTF with the side-mounted usb jack? Am I the only one who finds using a phone with the jack plugged in (and you KNOW you're going to have to with the HTC battery life issue) on the side terribly uncomfortable?
  • @ BKNY you're an idiot...Just so you know the EVO is made by HTC the same company thats making the thunderbolt..an imposter would be someone else making the same phone right? The EVO is the highest rated smartphone on the market working on the shittiest network. why would you fix something thats not broken...do your research before you open your mouth...And comparing HTC to motorola is like comparing a double cheese to a angus burger. The thunderbolt will be the most powerful well rounded smartphone on the market when it releases....DUAL CORE PLEASE HTC
  • You may want to do research before opening your mouth. Its funny how that shitty network has had 4G for over a year. They whipped Big Reds ass when it comes to innovative services and phones. There is nothing special about LTE over Wimax....better believe Verizon will spend millions on a crazy commercial making you think there is something magical about their 4G. Its ok though you will finally get a 4G phone hopefully by summertime so stick your chest out and be proud to be a VZW fanboy.
  • It's obvious the BKNY was joking, or do you not know what LOL stands for pattyprince? You just salted the earth over nothing. Thanks for the comical temper tantrum though LOL! (there's that mysterious word again!)
  • Oh, okay, well, it seems like the name "Thunderbolt" is here to stay. As an owner of an HTC Droid Incredible (who will most likely not be able to upgrade), this is great news. With all of the awesomeness this phone has, the last thing I would want is this phone get branded as a replacement to mine.