HTC Thunderbolt: The first to 4G, again

Hmmmm. According to this picture on HTC's mobile site, the manufacturer will be unveiling a new 4G phone on Jan. 6. Hmmmm. And according to my ridiculously overloaded CES schedule, Verizon's having a press conference Jan. 6, where they'll talk about LTE handsets. Hmmmm. Plus there's that HTC Thunderbolt (aka the Mecha and/or Incredible HD) that's been dogging us for weeks now.

So, we've got Verizon, LTE and HTC as "The first to 4G, again." Hmmmm, indeed! You can sign up for text message notification of whatever it is (*cough* Thunderbolt) at the source link. [HTC via Android Central Forums]

Update: Folks, this is a legit HTC site. If it wasn't, we would have said so. Dunno why people are saying otherwise.

Phil Nickinson
  • I still want it.
  • LOL, You can only be 1st to 4G one time.....HTC EVO BEYOCH!!!
  • Unless they pulled a Samsung, and release it on two different Networks. Its not like they don't have enough names for it to go around.
  • Actually in 2008 HTC released a russian WinMo phone called the HTC Max 4G. It was a wimax device. So you loose
  • So does your spelling.
  • Cause anybody reading Android Central cares about Russian WinMo phones...
  • Yeah give me a break lol! Ego 4 g? If you can ever find 4g coverage on there crap network. Hysterical! !!
  • Troll much? Looking at my EVO right now and what do I see? 4G!
  • I get fine coverage most areas of Oahu. P.S. - lolumadbro?
  • I can't complain - 4G coverage is all over the place in CT
  • They are probably referring to the fact they'll be first to 4G on VERIZON get ur heads out of your asses
  • Absolutely Correct.. They arent taking shots at other Carriers just other developers. They are simply saying, eat their ass, Apple, Motorola, Samsung etc etc... Good on them... It is the Era of Android, Long Live Lloyd!!!!!!!!!
  • Motorola is waiting for 5G.
  • this is my dream phone. i love my incredible but's just oooh... me want specs now!
  • Damn htc was first device to 4g in t-mobile usa with g2.
    In sprint it was first to have 4g with Evo 4G. HTC MAX WAS lame! People bearly knew about that phone in 2008. It was all about Sidekick,Blackberry, IPHONE 3g & first android phone ever the G1 in 2008. Now verizon ??? What next AT&T ????
  • That would be cool that HTC would be the first 4G manufacturer on all the carriers, but, I have a feeling iPhone will beat them to AT&T.....
  • First to 4G.....really?
  • Still love my epic now that out has froyo
  • Everyone is calling out the fact that they say 1st to 4g. I don't see anyone on the street corner protesting the evo commercial that's been running for the past 6 months! "what will you do first with evo? The first 4g phone" You guys care about the dumbest sh!t
  • Let's just wait to see how much verizon adds onto the bill for 4g before all the celebration.
  • Yes this is the most gorgeous device since nexus one. Yes I want it.
  • So is pretty much the EVO for Verizon?
  • I hope not!! Don't want an HTC anything! ! Ill wait for the motorola version over anything HTC makes
  • Ok, it says "First to 4G, again" which means that they are acknowledging the Evo, and possibly this Max 4G phone. Saying "again" implies that on another 4G technology they have the first phone. Yeah, it's a little misleading, but they aren't lying or forgetting about anything.
  • Some of you guys need to look outside the box. HTC (hopefully) will release the FIRST 4G Android.......TO VERIZON WIRELESS!!!!! HTC also put the word "again" at the end, proclaiming the fact that they gave Sprint and T-Mo (?) their first 4G devices before any other OEM.
  • I hate to burst everyones bubble, but unless that thing can download 100 Mb/sec, then it isn't the "first to 4G". And, iirc, pcworld tested Verizons LTE network at ~26Mb/sec.
  • While this is accurate, I'm so tired of hearing about it. If you want to get REALLY technical, AT&T was the only true 3G network because it requires you to have simultaneous voice and data. At this point it's a marketing term. What did you expect them to call it, BizzaroG?
  • HTC is making fun of Samsung because they also plan on releasing a 4G phone for Verizon. They saying in ya face we first again Beeiotches you always gonna be 2nd
  • LOL!!!
    This comment made my night
  • LoL. That's exactly what they're saying.
  • looks like my wife will be getting my dinc hand-me-down!!!
  • Not a bad hand me down....great phone!!
  • Isn't it her turn to be on top for once?
  • always
  • Ok, for those whiners that keep this fake 4G shit going: 1. The ITU has changed their 4G definition, and now say that WIMAX, LTE, AND HSPA+ ARE INDEED 4G. Guess you missed that last week. 2. You didn't proclaim Verizon's and Sprint's 3G as fake.The ITU said simultaneous voice/data was required for 3G. So please, stfu with the fake 4G shit. You aren't as smart as you think you are.
  • So when they say "First to 4G again," I'm pretty sure that they are saying that they, HTC, are the first manufacture to make a 4G device for a specific carrier.
  • So how long after they debut this device will it be available from Verizon? Has there been anything announced on a Motorola LTE device for Verizon? I'm trying to decide on when to sell my Droid X...
  • If this phone has a dual core A9 processor then I'm buying. Unfortunately, I have a feeling it won't.
  • maybe its a win7 4G phone
  • The pics show Android.
  • i know but still you never know there showing the first 4G's im just saying what if HTC pulls a 360 and whips out a Win7 4G device that would be pretty unexpected lol
  • I called it when it saw the phone leak, that looked like the Sprint Evo 4G
  • Was just reading the article for the Samsung 4G device and it said that it's front facing camera would be a first for Verizon but I thought the Mecha/Droid Incredible HD was supposed to have a front facing camera also? Hmmm
  • Go mavericks
  • This looks a lot like my desire HD and if its the same specs as mine but with 4G and a front facing camera u guys across the pond are in for a treat it'll be like a turbo charged evo with the new generation Qualcomm snapdragon, ppl in the UK are finally moving from iPhone to Android since the launch of the desire hd and desire z myself in old school the g1 still rocks lol
  • you guys do realise that the site has no connection to HTC (look at the's not a known HTC domain) and you really shouldn't put your phone number in it! Engadget has warned it's readers away, you should really do the same!
  • Go to their website, scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll see a link under "Other HTC Sites" that says Mobile Version and if you click on the link, it takes you straight to the "First to 4G, Again" advertisment. Hmmm...seems pretty legit to me!
  • No need to spread FUD. It's HTC.
  • No need to sound like I was deliberately trying to scare people away. It was a legitimate concern, and had you not been on top of it (every one is human), you would have been thanking engadget. You link to a website which you call HTC where the domain doesn't suggest that (It turns out it was a mobile advertising company). Engadget (and apparently phandroid) said the link could be dodgy. An easy mistake to make, and perhaps a prudent one at that. Why not just allay fears like you did, without being snarky?
  • It's the Merge! :-)
  • Phandroid and engadget have issued a warning about the site. They say don't sign up, it could be fake. What do we do now phil? Check in to it please!
  • Again, Engadget updated its post. Phandroid is just wrong. It's a legit HTC site. This isn't that difficult.
  • Could be either the Merge/Lexicon or Incredible HD/Thunderbolt/Mecha?
    I'm leaning more to the Incredible HD side of things.
  • It has to be the HTC Mecha/Thunderbolt. "First to 4G,again" is obviously a reference to Sprint's EVO,the first WiMax Android device.
  • The first 4G, the best 4G
  • The fact that HTC is the mfg getting 4G Devices out first on each carrier is what really matters. Seriously who cares what 4G means between Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile is called MARKETING, and AT&T's LTE where are they? Being first is not always the best, but it does get the initial sales.