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HTC Thunderbolt to be on sale for $175 starting at midnight PDT, $200 right now

If you missed out on Amazon's own sale of the HTC Thunderbolt just two days ago (they are currently in backorder status), you now have a second shot at getting the LTE phone at a discount. Online retailer LetsTalk is primed to drop the price of the TBolt down to $174.99 starting at one minute past midnight (PDT) tomorrow, March 19.

Our tipster has assured us that they have the device in-stock and will be offering the discount on all order types - new account, upgrade, add-a-line are all good to go. If you can't wait, LetsTalk is currently offering the phone for $199.99 but their stock (and website) will likely be hit hard as soon as the sale goes active. Decisions, decisions. [LetsTalk] Thanks to anonymous for the tip!

  • Grab your battery packs!!
  • um no thanks, not worth the headache that will come from buying from an online retailer.
  • what kind of headache? I get mine Monday from Verizon.....Should I wait for this deal?
  • Im wait for evo 3d
  • The AC post right before this confirms the phone of all phones for 2011 is coming! Who cares about Verizons 9 month too late evo!?
  • People who want a REAL 4G network, that's who. :-)
  • Roger that with a big +100 on that Evo 3D.
  • Have fun with your REAL 4g network, limited data plan and have fun grabbing your ankles while big red takes every dollar out of your wallet. I was with them for 6 years and finally had enough. I guess if you enjoy blowing money on nothing, Verizon is for you!
  • What limited data plan? Did you not know that VZW has unlimited LTE for $29/mo right now? No need to worry about my wallet, I make enough to afford the best network coverage. It's worth it. Have fun turning off your 4G radio to save battery because WiMax doesn't work indoors unless you are right by a tower. And how is Sprint going to fill the gaping holes in their network when they can't roam off Verizon anymore, or is that why they are looking into switching over to LTE now? :-)
  • Wow...Congrats on your success. Just don't forget to pay Mommy the rent on the 1st, or you'll have to grow up and be a real adult.
  • So, no response about Sprint's shortcomings vs. VZW then? p.s. My mortgage payment isn't due until the 16th either.
  • I can't buy this; Apple said in their new ad that only the iPhone has an app store! What good is a phone without an app store?!! Also it has the three gees. And the why fies.
  • Cant buy it now anyways, apparently they are no longer available on Lets Talk. I was in the middle of ordering one and had to take care of some things. When I came back about an hour and a half later I no longer could find the phone. Maybe it is just me but I think they may have sold out. Anyone else having this problem?
  • No deal. Showing $249 as an upgrade.
  • not worth it in the least now from what I can tell. 2 Thunders from Verizon for 318$ seems like a better deal to me.
  • Damn I have waited this long might as well wait to see when they go BOGO
  • Just bought one, $174.99! A little nervous, making the jump from BB.
  • Did u buy it with standard, 2 day, or overnight shipping?
  • Standard, free.
  • Truthfully this device SHOULD COST NO MORE THAN 99.00..This is no different than the HTC inspire 4g on At&t and truthfully the specs on this device IS SO LAST YEAR..The only thing this has over my current HTC EVO 4G is 256mg of ram and the new HTC SENSE 2.0 otherwise this device is nothing to write home and tell nobody about. Plus its pretty clear that HTC save there best for SPRINT with the new HTC EVO 3D being announced on Tuesday March 22 at CTIA..and now with this LOCKED BOOTLOADER GARBAGE this can't be the device to purchase. You should not have to ROOT your device to change this bootloader situation but this shows how much VERIZON cares for there customers because the device specifications are given to the manufracturer from the carrier so HTC made the device according to how VERIZON wanted the device to be. Plus real HTC fans know that htc does not make devices for verizon HTC has always done devices for SPRINT AND TMOBILE ALL THESE YEARS so verizon got exactly what they deserved LAST YEARS EVO....Nothing will better than the upcoming HTC EVO3D or SPRINTS LINEUP OF DEVICES IN 2011...Just alone having the Htc Evo3d, Motorola Atrix4g, Nexus S4g, at the top og your lineup TRUMPS ANY OTHER CARRIER and this isn't even mentioning the TABLET SELECTION or the fact that another SURPRISE is in stall on Tuesday When the Samsung Galaxy S2 will be also announced for sprint...THIS IS A BIG 2011 FOR THE NOW NETWORK..Great to be a customer and future HTC EVO 3D OWNER..
  • looks like you missed the next article brah
  • I got my Thunderbolt for cheaper then that anyway. I got my Thunderbolt through Verizon for $150. :)