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HTC Sensation has Gorilla Glass, aluminum unibody chassis

If you were about to ask "Does the HTC Sensation have Gorilla Glass?" The answer, we're more than happy to say, is "yes." Indeed, the HTC Sensation has Gorilla Glass.

If you're unfamiliar, Gorilla Glass is a sort of magical space-age scratch-resistant glass produced by Corning. And if you have the option, you want it. We've scratched non-Gorilla Glass screens on Day 1. And we're still trying to scratch our Gorilla Glass phones.

Also on the Sensation is an aluminum unibody construction. That gives you a strong but lightweight phone -- it weighs in at 5.22 ounces -- and it looks darn sexy, too.

For more on Gorilla Glass, check out video with Corning from CES 2011 after the break.

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  • Isn't this the first HTC phone with Gorilla Glass?
  • This phone looks like a sweet monster!
  • Really digging this device in a major way.
  • I just might do a new contract for this one.
  • I'm seeing a big problem with this unibody design. If, and I always do, want a extended battery I'm not liking my options here.
  • It's going to be the Inspire 4G all over again.The entire back of the phone as battery cover,as the EVO has,is the best answer.
  • You've got a good point...I don't think Itd be an issue though. I love this phone already
  • Doesn't Evo have that glass too?
  • Most of the high end phones do. Like the DROID X, and EVO.
  • wow upgraded thunderchicken and evo very nice upgrade.
  • Thats a shock , I was under the impression that all the HTC phones have Gorilla Glass on em !
    My 1 year old MileStone have , so as my 4 years old iPod Touch
    well , after using phones with Gorilla glass , I ain't going to regular glass screens Thats narrow down the choices for my next phone
  • I've had my N1, sans Gorilla Glass, since release and it's completely scratch free. Gorilla Glass is nice, but if you just use your phone with common sense, it will stay pristine.
  • Judging from the Gorilla Glass website, it appears (from what I know of the HTC models), that all of them are listed except for the Nexus One.
  • It doesn't have a unibody design. The entire back is removable. NVM. I see how its considered Unibody now. the entire aluminum piece is removable...
  • More interesting than that, look carefully at this picture: Notice that they are bringing power to the back shell, via mating contacts with the main-body. Both at the top and bottom. Antennas? NFC transceivers? Induction Charging stations? Power enters the phone on the side (so much for desktop cradle usage). Even after downloading the image, cleaning up the goofy coloring that Engadget used and zooming in I can't figure what is on that back shell. Further I'm betting that back body is not aluminum. Just like the Nexus One, is some special composite that does not conduct electricity or heat like a metal, but feels like a metal.
  • if your in construction or just a clutz, gorilla glass is a blessing,,, my two requirements for my next phone will be a mega speaker, and two requirements that many cell phones lack... that is why im sticking with my droid 1. still works great... now only if z4root still worked on the fascinate.. - i do not have windows... makes it hard to root.
  • Yeah, you can't use the term magical.. Steve Jobs probably is going to guard that one with is life like the term 'app store'.
  • That list doesn't seem right. My EVO'S screen scratches quite easily. I don't think it has gorilla glass. But it lists it there... if all Evos have gorilla glass, then its nothing special, they scratch as easy as about anything else with a glass screen it seems to me.
  • I broke two incredible screens. Not very strong. Are you sure? If it does have gorilla glass, it's nothing special.