Sprint EVO 4G won't do simultaneous voice-data

Get ready Luke Wilson and company, you have a new (well, old) target to go after. HTC has confirmed to us that the Sprint EVO 4G, which it manufactures, will not be able to use voice and 4G services at the same time at release. The full quote from HTC:

"If you're using 4G for data, you can't use CDMA for voice. Currently the only way to do simultaneous voice and data would be through a third-party VOIP solution. However, this is not do to strict hardware limitations, so it's possible this could change with future updates."

We touched on this in our EVO 4G Q&A, but this certainly needs it's own entry. HTC says that it's not due to hardware limitations, so that leaves only one culprit -- Sprint. We're used to this with CDMA phones, and maybe it's still something that's "in the works," but the question remains -- why would Sprint cripple (sorry, Phil, just couldn't resist 

) what's arguably the best upcoming phone on the market? At this point all I can think is "Why, Sprint, why?"

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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