HTC Rezound (aka Vigor) gets a pre-production hands-on

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So here's our first look the HTC Rezound -- aka the HTC Vigor -- on Verizon, which we're fully expecting to see officially unveiled Thursday in New York. (We'll be there, by the way.) JohnBoy shows us what we pretty much expected -- it's an HTC device with a fairly cool looking battery cover, Android 2.3.4, Sense 3.5, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 8MP rear camera, 2MP front-facing camera, 1GB of RAM, Wifi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 3.0.

The differentiator here, of course, is that it's a Beats Audio device, so you'll be able to rock out on that sweet ELO or whatever it is the kids are listening to these days.

Source: Droid Forums; via HTC Rezound forums

Phil Nickinson
  • It comes with a car charge because you will need that with htc's track record of battery life.
  • Hey I still listen to ELO.
  • +1 ELO was good, and let's not forget the Traveling Willburies!
  • Who the F is ELO? Is it some alternative to emo?
  • Seriously? Never heard of Electric Light Orchestra?
  • Thats the thing that Disney did at night with the lit up cars for the children right?
  • Nope... not exactly my genre
  • Not a fan of classical music.
  • Haha! Awesome post.
  • OMG, I feel so old. ELO had some of THE best album artwork on their records. Never mind, you probably don't know what a vinyl record is either.
  • Damn it, we're old........BTW, who's that Justin Beaver guy?
  • Hell, I'm only 20. I was just raised on good music and listen to it still
  • You were raised on Justin Beiber? I may have to call protective services.
  • Please, no more plastic bezels
  • ELO? LMFAO...
  • I wish this site would not make any reference to Beats Audio without reminding people it's just a marketing scam. Please don't propagate this BS.
  • Is it just fancy headphones and "B" logo included or is there actually a hardware change that would make the audio quality better?
  • It's a gimmick. Just like Monster component/HDMI cables. People who think any Beats Audio product produces the best sound, doesn't know what good audio is.
  • I'm running the Runny on ny og EVO and the Beats along with DSP MANAGER sounds fantastic! Using non-beats headphones.
  • Why hasn't there been any talk about this supposed 720p display? At 4.3" it would be the highest ppi of any handset out there wouldn't it?
  • This is what I have been thinking. I really have been dying for a screen that competes (and I mean actually competes as this qHD crap doesn't in my eyes especially Moto's brand of qHD) with the iPhone 4 and 4s. It has been over 16 months and finally manufacturers are making a screen that compares or beats the iPhone. I really am thinking hard about this device and will be watching for a couple things when it launches.
    1. If it will have an unlockable bootloader ala EVO 3D and Sensation.
    2. How fast we will see some actual Ice Cream Sandwich Ports
    3. The Developer support. If Das BAMF team is on this device I will def pick it up.
    4. Most Important the launch date of the Gal Nexus cause if it is pushed back to December or so I might have to make a move. Or maybe I'll just pick em both up. Its nice to be on Verizon and its great 4G LTE network. I really think that besides the software this device beats the Gal Nexus hands down. It has the better processor, will have better pixel density, is not made by Samsung, and is made by HTC. The only thing that bothers me is I really want those software buttons on the Gal Nexus and getting one of the last devices without em is going to suck especially since IK told myself I will never grab another "last of the old gen" device like I did with the Thunderbolt.
  • So this 4G LTE card. Can you put a GSM card in there to make it a world phone?
  • no
  • It's great and all having a video of this device, I just wish people would learn how to film things correctly. Nothing more annoying than someone filming in portrait thinking they are getting more in the shot.
  • Yes. And FFS, buy a cheap tripod.
  • I love htc always have and that will always be but another gingerbread device android does not need right now. Being a former evo 4g owner and current Evo 3d owner until all manufacturers can fiqure out what there upgrade path will be and exactly when those updates will make it to consumers devices they need to stop producing gingerbread handset rather it be 2.3.3 or 2.3.4 or 2.3.5 enough is enough. The focus needs to be on ice cream Sandwich and getting those related updates out to the devices they have decided will recieve the update. I will forever support android no other platform exist that is better but now the platform should focus more on less devices being brought to market and better updates to the handsets that have made it to market.
  • Sounds a little like sour grapes to me. The EVO3D is about to be replaced by a new HTC superphone and you're not too happy about that, correct? I say the more choices the better.
  • Manufacturers aren't making money off of updates.
  • No they don't. They make money from repeat customers. Happy people are up to date people.
  • "sweet ELO" made me smile
  • Love the phone but dislike the red. Only if they offered more colors other then red which I'm guessing has something to do with Beats by Dre. Hopefully some kind of audio upgrade was done since they promoting that hardcore.
  • Not sure if the Verizon version will come with a car charger? LOL My Magic 8-Ball says " No F'n Way ". Apparently these phone testers haven't actually BOUGHT phones in quite awhile.
  • Looks like an upgraded Thunderbolt sans a kickstand (bummer). IMO, the back of the phone is ugly. BTW, is that a Thunderbolt reflected in the screen and used to record this video? :)
  • It looks like what should have been the Incredible 2. It looks like what you would get if you had let the Incredible 2 finish baking all the way. See the red comes out and the screen gets bigger.
  • Was he awake when he filmed this? I know I wasn't after about half-way through.
  • I think the hardware is just stunning. All the way from the look to the processor to a 720P SLCD screen. (It is SLCD right?). However, I think Sense is getting super long in the tooth. It needs to be redesigned. It still looks like Sense on the HTC Hero back in 2009. I really wish they would update this and make it either look as nice or nicer than Stock Android 4.0 or Touchwiz 4.0 or just change it alot to make it look better.
  • Don't bring me down!!
  • aggggghhhh....they guy couldn't play a video or game or bring up a web page so we can check out the 720p display???? :-P
  • So did anybody notice that this device didn't have the red soft touch keys or the red speaker up top? How pre-production is this thing?
  • This guy films this video with his thunderbolt...the thunderbolt must be jealous
  • Why has there been no talk about it's supposed 720p resolution, is that going to be better then the nexus pentile 720p?
  • The back of the phone is hideous. Red rubber look is not doing it for me. Razr and Nexus have wow factor that this phone is definitely missing.
  • Few things, first, don't take downers before you shoot a video. Second, it would have been nice to see a bit more of the screen, but I understand that it is a unboxing video. Third, this phone, while very nice, is just more of the same from htc. Not very innovative IMO.
  • Few things, first, don't take downers before you shoot a video. Second, it would have been nice to see a bit more of the screen, but I understand that it is a unboxing video. Third, this phone, while very nice, is just more of the same from htc. Not very innovative IMO.
  • What's the PPI on this? Higher than the iPhone 4/4S?
  • called a tripod bro, look into it.
  • Do anybody know how to root a thunderbolt with sense 3.0 or s,5 plzz without me getting all my info swiped?? answer please!
  • It's sad that people who are using an iPhone to shoot a review still don't know (or forget to disable the screen lock) how to hold it.
  • All i know is when is the rezound coming outis it 11/3/11 or later???or 11/14/11
  • Its all coming out on this date 11/14/11. The Rezound will be there for you on that date. Just a little longer.