HTC responds to reported European HTC One delay

UK retailer Clove Technology is reporting that the flagship HTC One's European launch has been held back to Mar. 29, two weeks later than Clove's expected date of Mar. 15. Though HTC has not publicly announced a specific release date for the phone in any territory, Clove insists it's been "officially informed by HTC UK."

We've reached out to HTC, which has provided us with this statement on HTC One availability --

"We will start fulfilling pre-orders by end March in certain markets and will roll out to more markets as we approach April."

That's almost exactly what we were told around the launch event in February, so it appears little has changed from the manufacturer's perspective.

So we'll have to wait and see when the HTC One eventually becomes available in Europe, but we imagine that wait shouldn't be a long one. O2 Germany, for example, is already shipping the HTC One on contract, so we wouldn't discount the possibility of devices showing up for sale elsewhere before the month's end.

Specific details on U.S. availability are still unavailable -- we suspect we'll be waiting on announcements from individual carriers.

Source: Clove (opens in new tab)

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • So htctradeup is a wash?
  • Good question... Alex - can you follow up with HTC on that? They list a 3/31 purchase and activate by date on their website.
  • Yes, please. I am planning on the doing the trade-up also. Sprint will only give me $28 for my old Evo.
  • The website looks like it says 4/11 for me now.
  • Webpage that the e-mail I got from HTC links to still says 3/31 purchase date, and everywhere else I look says that too. Where did you find the 4/11 date?
  • ugh, I hope not, that was the reason I was going to upgrade to this instead of waiting for the next Nexus phone
  • Man! All you guys asking about the Trade up. If your phone is less than a year old DO NOT GIVE HTC YOUR PHONE. Sell your phone on Swappa.
  • Trade up my Sis' old BBC curve, not my EVO LTE...
  • Are we sure Apple isn't holding these up too?
  • first it was the HTC Evo LTE delay.... and now this?! WTF HTC?
  • There's no delay here. There's no launch date yet.
  • Unless you live in the UK then its irrelevent.
  • Isn't the End of March approaching April? It's the same thing. It's a statement that doesn't say anything and should have stopped after "by end March in certain markets."
  • My thoughts
  • Yes. It's stupid sales/business speak.
  • I wonder if this is going to effect the US release...
  • Isn't 29th March good Friday, easter weekend so chances are pre orders by post will be early april
  • I know you guys hate Apple but this is something Apple gets right EVERY time. It announces a new phone and tells you the exact date you can get it. Why can't other follow this lead. Even the most die hard Apple haters have to admit this is something Apple does that everyone should also. No guessing the pre-order date with Apple.
  • Yup... All Android manufacturers are to stupid to do this. I just don't understand, why announce a phone and wait 2 months to launch it. I just don't understand HTC anymore. This is pretty much a do or die phone for them, they haven't even started marketing it.... This will be another HTC One x, great phone but no one buys it. Honestly, this phone should have been released before the S4 announcement.
  • I have to agree, as much as I like HTC and Android, I am tired of the new announcements without release dates or delays. They make a great product then screw it up with delays.