HTC prepping over-the-air fix for Evo 4G storage card issue

One of the advantages of handing out a new phone to developers (and media) at Google I\O a couple weeks before the public availability is that you get a whole lot of hardcore testing. And such is the case of the HTC Evo 4G. A little issue that's cropped up is that the phone sometimes finds that it can't write to the storage card, which can cause crashes, hang-ups and occasional stiffness in joints.

I've only experienced this a few times, and a reboot clears it right up, but it's still a pain. The good news is that HTC has been aware of the problem and tells us the following:

"We have identified the cause of the memory card issue and are testing a solution. We expect to have a software solution available very shortly that will be automatically pushed to phones over the air."

How's that for service, boys and girls? So the sky's not falling, your storage card isn't out to get you, and we'll hopefully see this fix soon enough.

Phil Nickinson
  • Makes me appreciate HTC even more!
  • Nice. Well, I guess I can wait 'till mid-month to get that 16gb card now!
  • I think they found that Froyo fixes the problem, and thus the easiest solution is to just push that out to us. Hey, a guy can dream, can't he?
  • Wow Im gonna miss Palm even less with quick fixes like this from HTC.
  • Wonder if this issue was almost purposeful. - Get the EVO out to devs with issue in there
    - Expect them to be able to root and exploit the EVO
    - Use that knowledge to create OTA update for "bug" that also closes up rooting access. Hopefully the EVO devs will just be able to make an update for rooted phones that will fix the SD Card issue. One has to wonder.
  • For sure there will be "someone" out there that can outsmart HTC and figure out whatever update they throw out.
  • I dare say that you were completely right, because they just released the OTA update and it does indeed remove Root from those who had it.
    Of course I am sure the people behind the Root method will release a patch that fixes the issue and keeps root.
  • Phil you must be partying a lot,looks like you been cracking open some bottles with the kick-stand.
  • I doubt they could kill rooting a phone for too long if at all. There are too many people in the android community that are genius enough to get past anything they do.
  • I'm excited to get the phone regardless, but I think you have to ask HTC, how long is "very shortly?" Just ask all the HTC Hero owners...
  • Hopefully not much sooner or later than 2.2?
  • Don't get all giddy about the quick fix will not last. The Incredible still waiting for a fix.
  • Interestingly, the exact same thing happens on the Desire. I'm UK based and my Desire had the SD problems (suddenly not being able to read or write to it, and needing a reboot). I bought another SD card (I wanted to buy a higher capacity card anyway) and all is fine. I appreciate that HTC is working but I just hope this problem doesn't last.
  • There is also an issue with exchange. When I set up exchange and reboot the evo is keep repeating the start up screen from sprint 4g animation. Problem is listed here
  • That is not specific to the EVO, some folks with the Incredible are experiencing the same problem. Although to my knowledge, you're the first EVO owner to have that issue.
  • The minuscule SD card problem being the only issue is pretty damn good. Considering at least 4000 EVO's have been in the hands of the public for over a week. HTC and Sprint said they plan to be aggressive with updates for the EVO.
  • Is there a source for this update?
  • If you can help it, do NOT update. This update patches both holes that were found for root access.
  • I'll install the update, i'm not rooting my new phone.