HTC Preparing Low-End Android Device ?

HTC has long been Android's biggest supporter--they're the only phone maker that offer two (soon to be three) dynamically different Android phones. With the T-Mobile G1 being the Android device best fit for keyboard enthusiasts, the T-Mobile myTouch 3G being the touchscreen experience device, and the upcoming HTC Hero being the most advanced in the bunch, the logical space left would be for a low-end, entry-level device.

There are some rumors floating around that point the HTC Click as the entry-level Android phone. We're simply postulating, but could the HTC Click be a non-touchscreen Android option? Is that even possible? Better yet, is it even desirable?

Either way, the reports show that HTC is preparing a slew of devices for release, details and specifications are predictably hard to come by--the only thing we hope for is that the launch date will be sooner rather than later!


  • It would be so smart of HTC to get into the dumbphone game for the reason that when people like an OS they stick with it. Start people off with Android and they will stay with Android phones if they continue to like the OS. HTC phone reviews
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