HTC Preparing Low-End Android Device ?

HTC has long been Android's biggest supporter--they're the only phone maker that offer two (soon to be three) dynamically different Android phones. With the T-Mobile G1 being the Android device best fit for keyboard enthusiasts, the T-Mobile myTouch 3G being the touchscreen experience device, and the upcoming HTC Hero being the most advanced in the bunch, the logical space left would be for a low-end, entry-level device.

There are some rumors floating around that point the HTC Click as the entry-level Android phone. We're simply postulating, but could the HTC Click be a non-touchscreen Android option? Is that even possible? Better yet, is it even desirable?

Either way, the reports show that HTC is preparing a slew of devices for release, details and specifications are predictably hard to come by--the only thing we hope for is that the launch date will be sooner rather than later!


Casey Chan