HTC One X case: As slim and sleek as the phone itself

We're in meetings this week with HTC in Seattle. And along with some great candid conversation with the smartphone manufacturer, we've gotten a look at an extra slim case that's in the works for the HTC One X. It's a plastic deal that adds just a tiny bit of thickness to the phone, wrapping around the side of the device. We've seen the orange case on one of the white One X's, and it's a pretty stark contrast. The white phone becomes an orange phone with hints of its former self poking through. Note the cutout for the camera, of course.

No word on when and where these will be available, so stay tuned.

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  • These look great! Should point out that a company called Elago is already making something very similar for Galaxy devices. I have one for my Note and I love it.
  • It's perforated! This might be the kind of solution us Sprint users will want to cover the unsightly glossy camera lens cover on the upcoming HTC One LTE.
  • Picked up a clear case (official one) on ebay, pretty slim,
  • Doubles as a spaghetti strainer
  • And a dirt trap for your pocket lint. Phil already collects stuff in his speaker grill.
  • Doubles as a spaghetti strainer
  • Is it sad if I buy my case before the phone comes out?
  • Naked all the way baby.
  • Exactly. I don't want my phone to be any bigger or heavier. When I am not using it, I slide it into a side-load pouch.
  • Sorry, but I've never understood this logic. Why complain about the bulk of a case & instead slide it into a pouch or belt holster that takes up more space than the phone would have been in the case that you didn't want it in? Edit: I'm refering to a case like this, not something like an Otterbox Defender.
  • Thick enough so the camera lens isn't the point of contact with a table/etc.?
  • Camera glass (its not a the lense) is not the point of contact with the table. The metal ridge around the glass protrudes further than the glass. Clearly visible here.
  • Thanks. I did mean glass as I wrote that when I asked the same question in the forum. My biggest worry about the phone is scratching the glass but I'm thinking as long as I'm careful I'll be okay.
  • I was under the impression, given the construction/materials of the phone that it wouldn't need a case. Just love that Steve Jobs would ooo and ah about the design of his iPhone and then 98% of people would cover it up anyway. The HTC One X is such a beautiful phone ... seemingly designed to feel good in the hand ... why wreck it with a case? That said, sadly, I'm on Sprint and they just announced the butt-ugly Evo HD ... so I'm gonna need to get a cover for that thing.
  • I wish this was available for my Thunderbolt.