HTC One M8 now available on Telus

The Samsung Galaxy S5 launches tomorrow around the globe, but if you're on Telus in Canada and not into Samsung's dimples, might we suggest the now-available HTC One M8 instead? Telus started taking pre-orders for HTC's latest and greatest at the announcement on March 25th, and the phone is now available for direct orders.

You'll pay $229 up-front for the HTC One M8 on a two-year contract from Telus, or you can plop down $700 to get one off contract. It's available in both the slick gunmetal gray and the less slick "glacial silver" finish (like the original HTC One M7). If you want the gold version of the HTC One M8 you'll have to take a look at rival Rogers instead.

If an HTC One M8 on Telus is what piques your interest, it's available for the ordering right now.

Source: @Telus

Derek Kessler

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