HTC Magic Has Sold 1 Million Units

HTC CEO Peter Chou has just revealed that HTC's Second Android Device, the HTC Magic (or T-Mobile myTouch 3G or Google Ion), has just surpassed 1 million units sold. The Magic was launched in many parts across the world in April but just launched in the US this August. The HTC Magic is a definite success for HTC and we can assume that they hope that the HTC Hero (which just launched in Taiwan) will replicate the same levels of success. The more Android users in the world, the better!

Are you one of the million who own a HTC Magic, T-Mobile myTouch 3G, or Google Ion?


Casey Chan
  • Yep, I'm one of the Canadians who snapped up the HTC Magic! I had an iPhone 3G before and hated the thing but I love this phone. I found the iPhone too restrictive; it wouldn't let me do what I wanted. I had to do it the Apple way when it came to music / apps / normal stuff.
  • This is great news. When will we see a review?
  • I had an iPhone 3G before
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