HTC Liberty could well be the AT&T Aria; HTC Bee may have eyes for Verizon

We're starting to get a few more details about a possible new Android phone for AT&T. Courtesy of ROM-chef extraordinaire Conflipper, we find this render of the HTC Liberty, which looks to be very similar to some leaked shots we saw of the Aria. User-agent profiles for both devices (LibertyAria) show a 320x480 touchscreen (we can hear developers grumbling already at that resolution).

Otherwise, not too much to go on just yet, and who's to say what name -- assuming any of this pans out -- AT&T gives the phone, and when it might ever see the light of day.

Meanwhile, Conflipper brings world of the HTC Bee, a 320x240 (remember those days?) touchscreen device that he says could be headed toward Verizon. And that's all we've got on that one. [via @Conflipper 1, 2]

Phil Nickinson
  • looks like the Incredible to me
  • AT&T version
  • Why does AT&T always go for some small or arse backwards version of phones for Android. It's like you can tell they don't want to piss off Apple.
  • I thunk its obvious at this point. It took them long enough just to get android in the first place, and then they cone out with the backflip. Steve might as well buy at&t. He already got them workin the corners.
  • Exactly.
  • This looks like the Incredible, but with a different speaker cover. Does anyone know if the rest of the phone is the same?
  • Trying to hit low price points with sub par hardware will just help perpetuate the main-stream misconception that the iPhone is the king of smart phones. How many times have you heard "I tried an eris/hero and it sucked compared to the iPhone..."
  • Why is HTC still making phones with low screen resolutions?!
  • Aside from needing a much bigger screen, the phone actually looks sexy. Too bad AT&T's gonna cripple it. I agree with KwietStorm: Apple might as well just buy GayT&T. {{-_-}}
  • Earlier this year I was looking forward to AT&T jumping on the Andorid bandwagon and nabbing some hot phones - still waiting. Man am I glad I splurged for a Nexus One back in April...
  • It does look lile the incredible , well minus a few things and minus a real good network lol , at&t guy just get used to it , you will never have a killer android handset and you can thank Apple for that !!!!
  • The phone isn't going to be called the HTC Liberty for AT&T, they're calling it the HTC Intruder and the model number is A6366. It's listed in AT&T's systems right now with no price, date, etc. Googling the model number you can see it's Android 2.1 and some of the other stats.