HTC Lexikon ROM leaks out, Verizon the obvious intended receiver

When last we saw the HTC Lexikon, it was just a smattering of rumored specs. Now we have a leaked ROM to go with it, courtesy of some good old-fashioned Chinese file dumps. Funny thing about the Lexikon, though. When we go back and look at the specs again -- 3.8-inch screen, 512MB RAM/4MB ROM, Qualcomm 72xx processor at 800MHz, QWERTY keyboard, 5MP camera -- sure sounds like a lot like the T-Mobile G2, doesn't it?

But, of course, this isn't the G2, as the Verizon branding on the RUU screen shot clearly shows. So what will the Lexikon end up being for Verizon (assuming it makes it all the way to market)? News at 11, folks. [911 HTC via Android Guys]

Phil Nickinson
  • Another HTC phone to have froyo. Looks like they are doing better than motorola. I'll wait for the first HTC LTE verizon phone, kinda done with motorola.
  • Well, I would be waiting for this to land on Android honeycomb (Android 3.2 / 3.5)Thinking this would be release on the holidays or next year.
  • Bing or being? Ouch, freudian slip?
  • Could this phone be the HTC slider that was leaked a few weeks back that was suppose to be 4.3" screen with a 1.2 ghz processor.
  • I hope it is.
  • If you look closely, you can see this is the same phone:
  • Great eye. I can make out those "indentations" at the bottom to the left and right of the HTC logo. Could possibly be the HTC Scorpion... or maybe not. =\ Not fair that Big Red is getting this AND that Desire HD (supposedly), and who knows what else. Meh, my EVO is still a beast! Cant wait for this new HTC sense though... and GINGERBREAD a mere few months ago!
  • Although it doesn't look nearly as good as the g2, this phone will be solid and if it is a slider it will be my next phone.
  • It is the same, at least it appears to be.
    Have the DInc. New phone must have DInc features plus:
    - LTE
    - Front and Rear Cams
    - A resolution bump up
    - More than 1ghz processor (prefer dual-core)
    - Gorilla Glass
    - More battery
    - World Phone (May be default with LTE)
    - ACCESSORIES Come on HTC. I want a true OEM desktop charger, landscape dock for bedside, car dock. I mean, really? These are the only things that make me have any interest at all in Moto.
  • I agree with DadzBoyz, even BB has some sweet looking accessories. Theoretically I'll have the phone for two years, so I'd be glad to shell out for some stylish accessories, especially a bedside dock.
  • Uses Bing as default search engine. No go for me. WTF is Verizon thinking?
  • It looks like this phone, just out of prototype colors! Look at the subtle ridges on the chin and the bezel around the earpiece!
    I needs it. (Coming from a rooted/customized Incredible)