HTC Legend Unibody Design Video

Ok, it's official: HTC likes to beat on devices. First we see them stress test the Nexus One, now we watch them take a shiny new, not-even-released-yet, HTC Legend and slam it up against a wall. We flinched, no fooling, keep an eye out at 1:25.

The HTC Legend is easily the best looking phone of Mobile World Congress. The thing is carved out of a single piece of aluminium and that adds strength, reduces materials and weight, and just plain makes it feel better in your hand. Some of us (ok, me) are honestly torn between the Desire and the Legend now: I want the Desire for its power, yes, but I don't think I can walk away from the Legend's design and (potential) durability. Something tells me it did better on the "Bend Test" than the Nexus One did.

Dieter Bohn