HTC Launches 'You' Ad Campagin

Ask anyone who or what HTC was just a few years ago and no one would know. But now they're one of the biggest smartphone makers in the world and certainly the biggest and longest supporter of Android around. And as far as HTC smartphones can reach with their countless form factors on different platforms, they still manage to spur innovation with both their designs and software and offer high-end build quality in their devices. We're happy that HTC has been a staunch supporter of Android and hopeful to see more devices come from their way.

We're even happier now that HTC has decided to step into the spotlight after so many years behind the scenes. The 'You' ad campaign is what we believe to be their first foray into mainstream consumer marketing and it works wonderfully well. Just take a look at the commercial above. To quote, 'You don't need to get a phone. You need a phone that gets you'.

And if you like what you saw, there's another commercial after the jump!

Casey Chan
  • Might you mean "campaign?"
  • I need a phone that gives me 1.6 let alone 2.0. Stop dragging your ass HTC! Sense UI is great but its coming at the expense of valuable system upgrades (under and over the hood).
  • Great commercials!
  • Some of the best marketing I've seen in a long time. Glad that I have an HTC, and mildly disappointed now that I'll likely leave it for the X3 or the Acer when they come out.
  • That is a great commercial. HTC already has its Android 2.0 phone. This is a great marketing commercial to promote their new phone with Sense UI. Also, it is a generic commercial, not linked to phone carrier. hmmmmmmmm
  • Now that a smartphone commercial!! Not some ethereal eerieness from the pre folks.
  • both of these commercials were GREAT! but OMFG the first one made me feel the way a commercial has not made me feel in a loooong time. i'm definitely going to be a proud htc hero owner.
  • That is the first time that I recall seeing a cell phone manufacture creating a commercial let alone a good one. Good job HTC.
  • I really like what I see from HTC. I used to only buy LG phones on VZW until I got a BB Storm1. I'm looking for a better smartphone experience. I am looking forward to getting a HTC phone running the Android OS. I said I would never go back to sprint but I might for the SuperSonic.