HTC Incredible S now available in the UK and parent company The Carphone Warehouse are now shipping HTC's new Incredible S in the UK. SIM-free, the Incredible S can be yours for £499.95 (~$800), while on-contract prices range from free to £319.99 (~$510). Right now the Incredible S is only being offered on contract with O2 and Vodafone, and the cheapest way to get the phone for free is on a £25 per month contract with O2.

The Incredible S is the first of HTC's new European phones to ship, and it'll be joined by the Wildfire S and Desire S during the second quarter of the year. Check out our hands-on feature for more Incredible S goodness. [ (opens in new tab), Carphone Warehouse (opens in new tab)]

Alex Dobie
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  • Should be here soon
  • I thought that whole rotating buttons was going to be cool, but I saw the video of it and all it does is rotate the buttons. Not that neat in my opinion. This has last years specs just like the Thunderbolt too. Qualcomm really needs to get their act together and get thieir dual core chips out.
  • dual core plz
  • There really isn't anypoint in dualcore right now on any phone because of quite a few reasons. First froyo and gingerbread aren't optimized for dual core. Only honeycomb is so far. And even then the only real performance boost would be in games and most games on mobile devices aren't extremely graphically intense anyway. I am yet to find one my nexus one can't handle. I really doubt that any difference will be really noticed in everyday phone usage such as browsing, email the occasional phone call and texting. Many people don't even know what dual core is actually meant and used for which is multitasking as in PC multitasking and no mobile is actually has true multitasking. Afterall this is just come from what I know, so everyone else is liable to have their say on this.
  • 100% correct. People just want it to say they have it. I mean look at some of the Optimus 2x reviews. The home screen is laggy as hell. I mean my incredible with sense was WAY smoother than that. That matters more to me than any sort of gaming.
  • There really isn't anypoint in dualcore right now on any phone because of quite a few reasons. First froyo and gingerbread aren't optimized for dual core. That is NOT entirely true. First of all, even today, most software has not been re-written to take advantage of multiple cores on ANY platform, Windows, Linux, BSD, Android. The vast majority of software packages are single thread, and probably always will be. However that does not mean you can not benefit from having multiple cores. From the very first implementation of multi-core Linux there has always been the ability to set processor affinity, to select which core you want a task to be tied to. In the early days, (back when the best you could find was dual 486 processor mobos), whichever processor was less busy tended to be assigned the next waiting task. No special programming was needed for this because the busy processor simply didn't pick up the interrupt before slack processor grabbed it. Two 500mhz 486s were way smoother and over all faster than one 1000mhz processor. Any give task would get done faster on the 1000mhz processor, but all the tasks got done in parallel faster on dual 500x. Nothing but the most basic task ever gets to run to completion without being interrupted on a single core machine. These interruptions are built into the system. Every IO causes an a thread wait, which allows other tasks to run. With a dual core machine there are twice as many thread waits in any given span of time. This in turn means twice as many programs can run in parallel. If you haven't seen the benefit of multi core processors you haven't been trying. Windows NT delivered 1.48 times the processing power of a single core by adding an additional core. Linux, even in the EARLIEST days delivered almost a perfect 2 times. About 1.95 as I recall. About 5% overhead was lost switching tasks from one processor to the other, and when one processor was waiting for the other. Novel took an even simpler task. They assigned everything in ring zero a processor affinity of 0, and everything else got assigned processor affinity of 1. (Affinity locks a task to a specific core). This cost them zero over head. But their gain was not as good for a general mix of tasks, although it was perfect for Netware. So the upshot is you don't have to wait till everything is re-written in order to gain from dual cores. It was already baked into the Linux that Android was based on. Slowness or lag in the screen response just proves its tied to a single processor, which is over loaded. Other tasks, mail checking, syncing, music playing, browsers, etc, are free to run on the other core. Yes, it will be faster when tasks can jump from core to core, but to say that there is no benefit from multi core in the current release of Android just isn't true.
  • Well from my experience using my desktop pc i moved from a intel core 2 duo to a quad core of the same architecture, not really any noticable in performance increase exept in games and very resource heavy applications (Running Windows 7 64bit) i am now running a core i7 i have noticed the performance increase with this stepup but its nothing to be wowed about at all. exept it alows me to play crysis on maximum settings :P couldnt do that before. I do understand what you have said here and you know much more about this than me, and in turn im learning something new :)
  • I currently have an iPhone 3GS which is due for change. I saw the HTC Incredibe S reviews on Engadget and really liked it. I registered with Carphone Warehouse when the phone was announced. On Friday (Feb 26th) I got a text message from them saying that the phone was available to order. When I looked online it was still showing as coming soon. I decided to call them and see if I had been text in error. Apparently it had gone live and they had neglected to tell their staff.Seems like HTC pushed this one forward a little. I don't think a dual core processor will make a huge difference to what I use my phone for, so I am not that worried by a lack of it on this unit. I placed an order and it will be here on Monday and I am really looking forward to my first Android phone.
  • Awesome. I wish the U.S. carriers offered phones like this free on contract. Spam filter is blowin me up today.
  • Well the carriers won't offer it because it is totally unlocked for ALL networks, but you can get it off contract from either Best Buy or CarphoneWH, and use it on any network you want since it has bands for every US carrier.
  • Dual core smartphones are just a gimmick at the moment. Also on the free phone matter. I buy my phones off contract and have a sim only contract, 20 a month for 900 minutes unlimited texts and 1gb of data a month on vodafone works out so much cheaper and can change my phone whenever I want. Still trying to choose what to replace my nexus one with. The desire HD or incredible s both are nearly identiclal, very small differences and the HD is over £100 ($175) less expensive.
  • Desire HD is awesome. Had it since launch. You are right in they are basically the same spec wise. The only difference really is the DHD has a .3" bigger screen.
  • Somewhat irrelevant: Anyone think the App Drawer button in the new sense is stupid? It doesn't really fit with the curve of the dock. The circle with the inscribed triangle looked nice and didn't clash. I don't understand why it was changed.
  • Because s lot of people moving from stock to sense such as a few of my friends are getting confused because they can't find the app drawer button as it has a different icon. I think that maybe is why. Also the HD has 0.4gb of extra ROM but only a normal LCD and a smaller battery. What's the battery life like on the HD?
  • I just wish they would use a different screen that one has been around for a while now?
  • Got mine the other day and I haev to say its pretty slick. I havent had a single problem with it. Looks great, battery life is way better than my iPhone. Absolutely love this phone and would def reccomend it to anyone.