HTC Incredible caught looking pretty final

We have to say, that Verizon HTC Incredible pictured up there looks pretty final to us. The carrier branding is there, there's less of a prototype feel, and with the Droid Eris expected to reach end-of-life on April 1st, the HTC Incredible should seamlessly slide in to replace it and be all sorts of awesome. Unlike previous pictures, the Incredible has eschewed its former glossy backing with a matte-like finish, a change that we can get behind. The odd design on its back cover is still there though and it gets even more interesting when the back cover is removed, it's all scorching red. We kind of like it.

The specs are shaping up and from what can be gathered the Incredible will sport an underclocked Snapdragon processor (768MHz), 512MB RAM, 8 megapixel camera and run Android 2.1 with Sense UI. The dimensions are supposed to be similar to a Nexus One and that friends, is a good thing.

one more picture after the jump!

[Android Forums via engadget]

Casey Chan