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HTC Incredible caught looking pretty final

We have to say, that Verizon HTC Incredible pictured up there looks pretty final to us. The carrier branding is there, there's less of a prototype feel, and with the Droid Eris expected to reach end-of-life on April 1st, the HTC Incredible should seamlessly slide in to replace it and be all sorts of awesome. Unlike previous pictures, the Incredible has eschewed its former glossy backing with a matte-like finish, a change that we can get behind. The odd design on its back cover is still there though and it gets even more interesting when the back cover is removed, it's all scorching red. We kind of like it.

The specs are shaping up and from what can be gathered the Incredible will sport an underclocked Snapdragon processor (768MHz), 512MB RAM, 8 megapixel camera and run Android 2.1 with Sense UI. The dimensions are supposed to be similar to a Nexus One and that friends, is a good thing.

one more picture after the jump!

[Android Forums via engadget]

  • holy crap thats a beautiful phone and my next one!! glad they went with a black cover instead of the orange/red one
  • Well looks like I can forget about the N1 for my replacement. This thing looks good to me. Still looking like early April release?
  • Man this is awesome. Wife is getting my Eris and I am getting this when she upgrades in June! lol
  • I want this.
  • love it but will go with nexus one b/c this doesn't have a 1Ghz processor and i'd rather be first for updates. Love the black. This phone looks sick.
  • maybe im dumb but isnt it the same processor as N1 but clocked slower?
    I bet the community can fix that in short order...besides battery life, what advantages come from underclocking?
  • That's a good point. Yeah, usually to help with battery life.
  • I'm stoked it is no longer a glossy red finish back...but that 3 tier plateau looking battery cover could be a deal breaker, that is ridiculous, and it will SUCK to apply a BSE I'm sure. Guess it'll be the Nexus One for me!
  • hey, why dont we all form a company that sells replacement backs for this device? It seems there would be demand from day one.
  • So i just upgraded my contract and got an Eris about 2 weeks ago. I know verizon has a 30 day swap policy with different phones. Would i be able to go to verizon around the 20th of march and have them take back my eris and tell them i want the incredible if it is going to launch in april? or would i have to pay full price for the phone.
  • You should be able to swap out your phone in the 30-day window but I doubt they'll tell you when the actual launch date for the Incredible will be.
  • Bryan, you have 30 days to exchange phones. If your in that 30 day grace period, vzw will swap the phones out no problem. one day more, you'll have to pay full retail price. If you're really interested in this phone, but wooried about the grace period, take your Eris back today & use your previous phone, then upgrade next month
  • Ya im saying if they announce the date before the 30 grace period comes then would they let me? I already extended my two year contract though. If i take the eris back before the 30 days and wait for the incredible could i still get that discounted price? Thanks for the help!
  • yes. if you take your eris back w/in the thirty days you can get the incredible for the discounted price.
  • I work at VZW and yes, if you take the Eris back before your 30 days is up and just go back to your old phone then you can still get the discounted price when the Incredible comes out. Keep in mind, there might be a $35 restocking fee though
  • Wow that is great news! Looks like im keepin the eris till the very last day and then getting rid of it lol. Ya i dont mind the 35 dollar stocking will all be worth it. The eris has been too laggy for me. Otherwise a great phone, but the incredible just seems to have the power that sense and numerous apps needs to run smoothly. (hopefully a better battery as well)
  • take back your eris and use your old phone you dont want to operate on the old android system anyway. all the good stuff gets ready to come out n spring b patient.
  • 8 megapixel camera?! But does it take good shots? Any info on lense etc? Now Droid, Nexus and Incredible all seem similar with slight differences. How will Verizon position them in their lineup?
  • I expect Big Red to actually go with the same price for all 3 of them, and then instruct their sales staff to point out the subtle differences between the 3 so the customer can purchase any of these amazing phones according to personal taste.
  • So, if I just happen to "lose" or "break" my eris around April, Verizon would replace it with the incredible???
  • Daniel, if you should lose or break your Eris around April, I hope you have insurance b/c if not you'll have to pay full retail price for a new phone, no matter what model it is. If you do have insurance, you'll still have to pay the $50-$60 premium to replace it( depending on where you live)
    However if there is a maufactuer's defect with your Eris, you can bring it in for a free replacement. Unfortunatly, you will not get a Incredible still. Even though the Eris will not be sold any longer, it will be replaced with what is known as a FRU phone (Feild Replacement Unit) for at least another year.
    Sorry to burst your bubble.
  • @niandra: HTC builds bad ass new phones so wives everywhere can have the old ones.
  • @DanielF: I believe Verizon (like other wireless companies) reserves the right to replace your (curiously, but unfortunately) broken handset with a refurbished unit, if one is available.
  • okay so the snapdragon processor is there. It just needs to be "unlocked" by the community. I have heard of the Moto Droid being overclocked so I'm sure that this can easily be bumped up to the full 1GHz speed... if this is underclocked then technically bumping it up to the 1GHz isn't really OVERclocking now is it?
  • its the same processor as the N1 just under power. when this is released we can over clock it with ease. so i guess this is HTC Incredible Droid. and the moto droid gets to be a second tier phone. when will we see a 4.3inch screen android on VZW?
  • When are the Sprint customers gonna see the HTC Supersonic??? Bring it ON!!!
  • Well I do have insurance and no its not broken. I just really want the Incredible! Eris is still getting the 2.1 right?
  • I have lost hope in the eris 2.1...especially with this whole "discontinued" rumor, your best bet might be to just download the 2.1 leaked rom.
  • Someone out there doesnt have a system dump from this do they? ;)
  • yes. Same system as Desire
  • no, it's not. gsm/cdma Desire doesnt play nice when porting to droid.
  • Yes, it is.
    The differences are only in apns.xml inside framework-res.apk.
    The rest is identical. Porting closed source HTC framework is why it doesn't work well on the moto. Even GSM/WiMax specifics (which will never work on VZW) are included in all HTC released 2.1 builds to make them universal. At least that's what I'm seeing right now looking inside the the system dumps of Desire, Legend, Eris, and Incredible.
  • Most everything is working on the moto droid coming from the desire. The big problem now is resolving dropping 3G to 1x for calls. With cdma it needs to go from 3G to 1x to make or receive a call. Desire being gsm it doesn't automatically do this. It looks like the system dump from the incredible is in the right hands now though so it shouldn't be much longer till there is a fix.
  • I guess if you want to try to find a positive in the processor underclocking, I would assume that the battery will last longer based on this being an underperforming 768 MHz phone vs. the full on 1 GHz. Now announce a release date already so I can punt my BB Storm, overtake my wife's Samsung Moment and once again be crowned King of the Phones in my house :D
  • Combine that with the fact that 528Mhz processors run this software with no slowdown. You don't need an i7 to run DOS 6.22 - same theory applies. HTC's power and memory management will need fixed of course, but the processor won't be a bottleneck.
  • Im going to give that update till next week. Still I'm just contemplating if its worth getting rid of my eris now for the HTC incredible.
  • Doesn't it have a 3.5mm headphone jack on the top?
  • Two things that really make this phone a downer for me. Looks like the mini usb is mounted on the side, so when you're charging and talking you have a cord coming out of the side vs. on the bottom like the N1 and I'm pretty sure the 3.5mm jack is on the side, so if you wanna listen to music w/your headphones on and slide the device in your pocket the damn cord will take up more space and get caught when you take it out. I really don't understand why some phones are made like that, ala blackberry storm. Really wish VZW would sell the N1 in store and subsidize it :(
  • I am curious about the camera. 8mp sounds awesome but it could end being just as good as the nexus 5 mp. will definitely keep an eye on this.
  • Can't Wait for it to come out!
  • looks like all those front shots of the supersonic were this thing
  • Have the specs been updated? Read this thread and boy do I hope they are right!
  • I hope these specs are accurate. This is my next phone. I can't wait for it to come out because I'm due for an upgrade next week. Goodbye Storm, hello Incredible.
  • WELL, I am bit disappointed that they did a matte finish on it.. and that the red wasn't on the outside... and instead it was on the inside :/ I'm not on Verizon but I guess I could just grab some spray paint or something and do it myself... pretty sexy phone NOW for the Supersonic to be released
  • I just got a chubby I can't wait
  • When it comes to the smartphones the hardware technologies takes a leap forward every three months. It takes longer than that to get a new design approved through the FCC. Whatever hits the vendors shelf today is outdated before you buy it. What is today's hot tech is next quarters end of life. Software always lags 1 to 2 years behind the hardware. Pick your poison and jump in. Stop lamenting you don't have this or that latest revision. That's the nature of high tech. Been this way for 20 years. If you can't handle it, get a basic phone and make you calls and laugh at the fools with their high tech toys.