HTC Hero Passes FCC, Headed for AT&T or Rogers?

We love the FCC around these parts, they always manage to leak a nugget or two when devices pass through their hands and if we're really lucky, a horribly composed picture. So though we don't have any photos of the HTC Hero that went through the FCC we do have an interesting nugget to pass on: the North American HTC Hero has WCDMA 850 MHz and 1900 MHz bands. Why is this notable? Well, those would be the 3G bands for AT&T and Rogers!

Could this hint at an AT&T HTC Hero? That would be best case scenario considering, as much as we love T-Mobile (for its pricing and customer service), AT&T's 3G network is far superior than T-Mobile's paltry 3G offering. Or worst case scenario is that its headed for Rogers and we'll have to import the device from our friends to the north. Either way, it looks like a good bet that the HTC Hero is going to come to one of these carriers...eventually.

[via engadget]

Casey Chan