HTC Hero a celeb on 'Hawaii Five-0'

The Fall season brings new colors of leaves, the return of children to school, pumpkin pie (om nom nom), and new TV shows. If you've had your boob tube set to CBS in the past few weeks, you've probably seen "Hawaii Five-0" advertised a billion times. What you might of not noticed was the HTC Hero that appeared on the television series first episode. In its brief few minutes of fame, and its short lived life, the Hero was used and then tossed out the window of a moving car. More screens after the break. Thanks, Android Amateur!

Andrew Melnizek
  • Perfect "outing" for a crappy phone.
  • Really? I have a HTC Hero. Even before I flashed CyanogenMod 6, the darn thing ran just fine. I never would guessed the phone was crappy.
  • I can think of a few low-level Android phones that would fly nicely out of that window as well! Only kidding, I'm not phone prejudice...
  • It may not be the king of the android devices, but it's definitely a very stellar entry level phone. And Mine is still working great, and it's running stock(albeit nfx stock, but stockish none the less.)
  • I luv my hero but after a while u would want to throw it out the window
  • This is a smack in the face to the Android community! The first several minutes of the show "featured" (read: advertised) the iPhone 4 doing its Facetime magic oner 3G! Then the lowly Hero gets unceremoniously dumped. Next week the N1 gets removed from the belly of a shark that devoured a surfer while the iPhone gets to say, "Bookem' Dan-O, murder one!"
  • Actually, the Hero shows up on more than one scene guys... The entire Hawaii Five-O team of cops uses it (main guy, comedy relief guy, asian guy, and the hot asian chick from BSG) so it's shown up on various scenes thru the first two episodes. One of the cops even use it to photograph a fingerprint and ID a bad guy... What's weird is that they picked such an old phone for all the main characters, weirder still in light of the fact that they showed an iPhone 4 AND Facetime during the intro of the last episode. I suppose they could've re-shot that sequence recently and the rest of the show might've been shot much earlier though, would make sense.I doubt they shot the entire series between June and now, and I doubt Apple gave 'em a Facetime preview prior to the iPhone 4 launch. There must be some sort of correlation between the size/form factor of the phone and cop shows tho, several characters on 24 also used it up to the last season, heh. At 'least they could upgrade 'em to Arias!
    P.S. Has anyone else noticed that Best Buy seems to use the EVO a LOT for it's generic smartphone promos? I get these BB adverts on my TiVo and the EVO always seems to be the mockup of choice.
  • I see they advocate rooting and installing a custom ROM. The Hero has a black bar at the top (Sense UI), and the task bar that is there is out of order for any Android phone (I think). I love that the incoming call screen appears to be made in paint.
  • The show is crappier than the phone I'm sure.
  • It's actually pretty entertaining, at 'least imo... One of the better new shows this season, good chemistry between Danno and the other guy. Obviously the Hero screen elements were added later or painted/sticked on duh, otherwise it'd never show up. Kinda weird that they went to a stock Android phone to get 'em but whatev, it's still way weirder that they're using Heros and pimping an iPhone 4 in the same episode, heh.