HTC EVO 3D shows up in ESPN The Magazine (Update: And in EW!)

We know the HTC EVO 3D is coming soon to Sprint. We know it's coming this summer. We just don't know exactly when. And this little advertisement in ESPN The Magazine is doing its best to taunt us, and we're not happy about it one bit. Zoom in all you want, we sure don't see any clues as to when it'll be released. But don't forget that you can preorder one now at Best Buy, if you've really got an itch.

Update: And I just found one in this week's EW magazine. Pic's above. For those asking, the date you see on there is definitely 3/24.

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Phil Nickinson
  • I'm fine with getting teased as long as it isn't a 3+ month wait. If they're advertising it in print, it can't be too long before release. Theoretically. :)
  • dont have to tell me twice i preordered 2
  • Seems like I'm the only one that has absolutely no interest in this phone, or anything else hoppng on the 3D gimmick. Oh well, to each his own.
  • I am still torn on the 3D feature, but definitely sold on the dual cores.
  • I like my 3D tv. Is it completely necessary? No, but Tron looked amazing, and so do all the kids movies that come out in 3D. I think this and the 3DS are gimmicks though. I can't fully comment on it, as I haven't checked out the 3DS yet, but one nice thing is you can dial in just how 3D it is.
  • I like my 3D tv. Is it completely necessary? No, but Tron looked amazing, and so do all the kids movies that come out in 3D. I think this and the 3DS are gimmicks though. I can't fully comment on it, as I haven't checked out the 3DS yet, but one nice thing is you can dial in just how 3D it is.
  • The 3d is a gimmick but a small part of this device. If you miss out because you can't see past it then that's your loss. I'm sure you have a thunderbolt(evo 4g) or some other new phone with last years technology that is way over priced.
  • I understand that everybody likes something different but what I do not understand is how a function on the phone that does not have to be used would turn off people. Programs are not required to use the 3D so wonder why it would discourage people to get the phone.
  • I understand that everybody likes something different but what I do not understand is how a function on the phone that does not have to be used would turn off people. Programs are not required to use the 3D so wonder why it would discourage people to get the phone.
  • Hey man, I'm not going to tear into u as I'm sure some want to do. I can honestly say I understand how you feel. The 3D will be a novelty at best on phones featuring it for the next year or so. It has no true practical use aside from some party tricks. That being said... pretend like it's not the Evo 3D. Ignore the 3D aspect of it altogether, for you this is the much coveted HTC EVO II look at the specs outside of 3D and tell me why you wouldn't want this phone :-).
  • I used to think 3D was a gimmick, but looks like its here to stay (at least until hologram projections are a reality). Just like the original EVO, it incorporates all the best, newest and latest technologies into a pretty package. You also can disable the 3D, but me personaly, I plan to shoot my pics and video using it. Mine is already on pre-order please Sprint don't keep me waiting.
  • When I preordered mine this week one of the employees made a strong indication that it would be out soon (June); made reference to the 24th. He also reminded me how preordering started for the Nexus S 4G and said it is similar in time frame. Who knows, maybe he was just leading me on cause he saw how stoked I was getting.
  • I think that's about a month to soon Sprint release dates are generally on Sundays which makes July 24 the more probable date especially since that date is on the ad.
  • And the nexus comes out in 2 days....
  • Didn't Android central try to avoid confusion by telling us clearly that the ad says March 24th? (03/24) Which frankly i believe could be the date the add was ordained or finalized. Companies do this all the time, even my company had ads for mothers day specials and products 2011 done on January 17th and sure enough if you look at our ads you will see 1/17 as a date on there. Just my opinion. Sprint will not allow the Nexus S to be out for more than 4 to 6 weeks because they don't want to steal too much thunder from what has quickly become their flagship line. As far as revolutionary devices from sprint over the last few years we've seen the beginning of a standard. Palm Pre was early June as was the Evo 4G. I don't think they'd stray from that at this point.
  • Um yeah that was after I blew up the first picture they had from ESPN. And noticed that it looked more like a 7 than a 3. But its moot now since they posted a clearer picture presumably from ew that undeniably shows a 3.
  • Triple posts even
  • Ok double posting has become waaay too easy on this site lol.
  • I'm still keeping hope for the June/July time frame.
  • I'm still keeping hope for the June/July time frame. Double post victim...
  • Just remember, there's nothing more clueless or full of wild rumor than a Phone salesman.
  • It seem to say it clear as day on the top of the page. "HTC notes 7/24". Looks like a release date to me. It is a Sunday. I sure hope I'm wrong cuz that's a long wait. Edit: that is the top of the right notebook page
  • Looks like a 3 to me. But I can see 7 if you do the horizontal line through it.
  • It's definitely a crossed 7. You can see the middle line crossing past the downward stroke of the 7. That does not occur when one writes a 3. Blow the picture up its pretty clear that the line keeps going. I initially thought the same thing. Is it a 3 or a 7. And noticed it was definitely crossed, thus making it a 7.
  • It's 3/24. I just found it in this week's EW, fresh out of the mailbox. :p
  • Phil, You beat me to it. The ad was in Aprils Newsweek magazine, which released a week into April... It definitely say's 3/ everyone chill. I didnt submit it because I figured they would start soon with the ads anyways. This phone is releasing first week of June. Probably at $200 as the person at my best buy suggested.
  • I stand corrected the picture of the ew add clearly shows a 3. I couldn't be happier I was wrong.
  • Their is no question that this will be one of the best devices coming out this summer. I will be definitely getting mines on day one just like i did for the Htc Evo 4g last June 4th 2010. This will be a great summer for sprint the Evo 3d is a great addition to the Evo family on sprint. Anyone not rolling with this device will be behind the curve that's for sure. Regardless rather you desire 3d or not the device is simply a beast and having the option for 3d makes this device the best of the summer. Specs alone makes this and the Galaxy S2 the best devices on the market for the summer of 2011 regardless of the purposed quadcore devices projected to be out by Christmas. These 2 devices will hold everyone over till June 2012 when Sprint/Htc will introduce the quadcore Evo in 2012...
  • Oh, definitely, man.. The original Evo is probably holding people over until even the NEXT Evo from 2012. You know many Sprint stores and Asurion insurance are stil backordered on OG's greatness to see that success. :)
  • I agree, I have had several people ask if I would sell them my EVO 4G when I upgrade.
  • Dude get over yourself with that behind the curve crap. Not everyone is eligible for an upgrade. Maybe certain people are happy with the OG EVO. This phone is going to be a beast no doubt but I'm sticking to my EVO for another year. By then EVO 2012 will be mine.
  • That's the End of the World Evo you'll be getting.... the rEVOlutionary Evo.
  • The most important thing I think is the battery life. I mean everything on this device is good I'm just hoping the battery can handle all of this power....especially for someone like me cuz I use my Evo all day and I can't go any where without my charger.
  • I never seemed to get on the battery life bandwagon. I just always order 2 or three extra's, but for the most part I'm driving or in an office or at my desk where i can remain on my charging dock... hmm do they have docks for the 3D yet?
  • If Sprint releases this asap, they stand to make a lot more money than if they wait for the Galaxy S II to hit the U.S shores. Hopefully, both devices will end up being a bit cheaper due to all the great phones this summer. Gotta <3 competition
  • 3/24 = 3D*2D/4 = 6/4 I know its a stretch, but I can dream can't I :)
  • 3/2+4 = 6/3
  • 3/2+4=11/2. Simple complex fractions math.
  • As long as the Google Voice issue is fixed before the 3D comes out, I'll be good. Let's hope the mid May time frame holds up for that.
  • Seems like Google Voice has been hit and miss for many. Fortunately the integration went well for both phones on my account and those in my office.
  • With the 3D w/o glasses feature, I think it'd be neat to have sort of Portal 2 Interactive background where you could shoot portals. Just saying it'd be neat. ~4given~
  • I have a split decision between the EVO 3D/SGSII. I know both phones will be great and be able to handle anything thrown at them, but It's a hard decision. If Sprint puts a keyboard on the SGSII then I'm definitely getting the EVO 3D. Right now I'm leaning towards the EVO 3D because I prefer Sense over Touchwiz.
  • I will definitely be getting the 3D when it comes out. CM6/CM7 has been a lifesaver for my Hero but the hardware limitations are just starting to get frustrating
  • it was also featured in this week's new yorker
  • HTC needs to do a better job marketing their products. 3D is a hit and a miss depending on who you are talking to. They NEED to state how it is one of the most powerful, or even, the most powerful phone available on the market because people do not know what is under the hood of this device unless they are a tech geek, like me! (dual core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB ram, qHD SLCD, 4G, 3D CAN BE TURNED OFF BY USER, etc. etc.) They didn't even state that the phone is 4G...
  • Opps.. double post.. sorry
  • No doubt the specs for the Evo 3D are impressive. My concern isn't really what's added by 3D but what's taken away. One of the features I use most from my OG Evo is its superior 8 MP camera. I regret that has to be compromised for the novelty of 3D.
  • Sometimes people get crazy about bigger numbers. An 8 MP camera isn't showing off much differently than a 5 MP camera. Let's face it most do no try to use their phones to take wall portrait quality pics. We generally send them via MMS, email, flickr, facebook or what have you. Even when the Evo 4G came out there were comparisons that showed some phones with 5MP cameras were on par or better picture quality than the Evo's 8MP camera. You won't see any real improvement in your images by going from 5MP to 8MP. 3MP is sufficient for most people that make mostly 4x6" prints and 5MP will give you plenty of image to make up to 11x14" prints. The "extra" image you get with an 8MP camera does give you some cropping room but we've seen the overall image quality degrade above 5MP the size of the physical image sensor is the same so cramming more MP's makes more noise and that's about it. You won't see anything that impresses you going from a 5mp to an 8mp camera if they are using the same size sensor. Realistically, that means an 8Mp will be able to print a 10x12" print at the same resolution (ppi) as an 8x10" taken with a 5Mp camera. A real increase, but far from earth shaking. But again I say who regularly uses their android or any other phone to get printable images? If we weren't so hypnotized by "bigger is better" marketing then we'd realize that for what MOST of us do with our camera phones... a 3MP camera works out just fine IMO
  • I pre-ordered my EVO 3D!!!!!!!!!!
  • I saw the same ad in peoples magazine the royal wedding addition!!
  • I have the EVO now and I want the 3D and in some ways I am fine with my EVO. Guess it depends on if I get what I want out of my EVO with all it's accessories when I put it up on Craigs List. I love having Netflix now and am going to miss the kickstand. But I know there gonna make a case with one so that's good. I am not worried about going from an 8mp camera to a 5 as long as the 5 takes good pictures. I don't print them out I just shoot and upload to FB alot. I called my Sprint store and they aren't doing preorders yet and he didn't even have a date the 3D was coming out and I said oh 6/3. The EVO was Friday 6/4 and this will be Friday 6/3. But you would think they would know since it's almost time but maybe there just not allowed to say anything like last year they kept it so hush hush.