HTC Edge to be one of the first quad core smartphones in America

For those of you who ever doubted just how fast the smartphone industry moves, here's a glimpse at the "next best thing": The HTC Edge appears to be one of the first quad-core smartphones heading to the U.S. The ladies and gentlemen over at pocketnow got their hands on the first render of the device, which shows a 4.7-inch megadisplay with 720p resolution atop four (yes four) 1.5 GHz cores of Tegra 3 goodness and 1GB RAM. You've also got an 8MP camera with HTC's new 28-millimeter, f/2.2 lens technology. Now there are still a lot of holes: Carrier? Release date? LTE? And the four capacitve buttons pictured above hint at Gingerbread, but will that eventually be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich? Sit tight, this one's still a way's away, but it's always good to watch the horizon. 

Source: pocketnow

  • Fugly. Nice specs, but fugly.
  • Your mom.
  • brilliant analysis
  • Do. Do want. Do want this.
  • I'm glad we'll be seeing quad core phones soon, but I don't see why the first one announced appears to be launching with Gingerbread. Unless of course HTC has decided to forgo the virtual buttons, though why they wouldn't want an opportunity to reduce overall size is beyond me. Good sign, but I don't think I'll be interested. I would MUCH rather have dual Cortex-A15s than quad A9's, and hopefully we'll be hearing about such processors soon.
  • i think it looks ok, at least they tried to make it look a little different than every black slab out there.
  • What's the need for quad core? Let's just stick with dual-core and focus the new technology on extending battery life...especially with 4G!!
  • Actually, nVidia's kal-el quad core is in-fact a penta core, with that 5th core taking care of light chores while the device is in standby, in order to conserve battery life:
  • Well said!!!
  • Battery Life is pretty good here in Atrix City...
  • Battery life is AWESOME on my Atrix with Wifi on all day @ work and home... And the quad cores will be way more power friendly than single or dual cores.. People need to do some research before posting asinine comments.
  • I think we should bear in mind that, just because ICS gives the option to eliminate hardware buttons, doesn't necessarily mean OEM's are going to launch all of their ICS devices sans hardware buttons. However, it will come as little surprise to me if this device launches with Gingerbread instead of ICS.
  • too big. done.
  • You've never used a Dell Strek 5" phone have you? It is awesome. Trust me, more real estate means a better experience. And my 5" Streak is very pocket friendly. An excellent phone.
  • ugly as sin. and WTF is up with capactive buttons wasting valuable real estate in the age of ice cream sammmmmmmmmich??? i loved my EVO 4G but HTC better step its game up asap. their recent designs are looking tired, dated, gaudy, and downright ugly compared to the sleek black curved beautiful lines of phones like the G-NEX.
  • yeaaa, I waited until the first Dual core since it was announced at CES 11 and we all know how the "Bionic fiasco" went. I will just buy the Prime when it is out and be happy. (Well that and I will still have two family plan upgrades in case I go all fickle and change my mind again)
  • what fiasco?
  • Good thing HTC has had good battery life on their single and dual core phones...
  • single flash?
  • Is that really your concern?
  • it's an observation, silly.
  • Huh. Well I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. First thing I thought when I saw this was "Wow! Really cool looking phone" :-). But I agree with the earlier post. Skip this quad-core business and work on battery life. I have the Evo 3D and its battery is better than phones I've had in the past but they could still do better. On the other hand, if having the quad-core helps save battery life then bring it on!
  • I hope the fifth core in the Tegra 3 devices helps with the battery life. Because right now it is pretty poor with single core HTC devices.
  • Personally I think this thing is uber sexy. And I still really enjoy the dedicated buttons. I thunk this will be super badass as long as it has dual flash instead of single
  • That device is sweet looking!And stop complaining about capacitive buttons, just because ICS is here doesn't mean all phones need to look like damn tablets! I actually like the capacitive buttons better, I'm sure I'm not the only one. 4.7" is what I want, prefer white with VZW LTE!
  • i agree, i see no reason to waste extra battery life just to power more screen space to show buttons. after having xperia arc, i have come to re-appreciate how amazing real buttons are. i feel like id never again trade some piss poor fake buttons. i also LOVE how i can turn on my phone by just tapping home and sliding the unlock. no need to reach to the top of the phone for some annoying power button.
  • Finally, 10 years after my beloved Handspring Visor Edge (, we finally have another Edge that is as pleasingly thin once again. I said I wouldn't get a smartphone until they got that thin again. Nearly made it.
  • Um... Galaxy Nexus: 8.94 mm thick
    Droid Razr: 7.1 mm thick
    Galaxy S2: 8.5 mm thick
    Samsung Nexus S: 10.88 mm thick Handspring Visor Edge: 11.18 mm thick (0.44 inches)
  • Sprint. LTE. KThnxbai!
  • Well I find it interesting that htc is moving away from qualcomm processors. In either case though at this point this tegra 3 is total overkill for a phone, seriously. There are other areas of phone technology the needs updating other than the cpu. But who am I kidding, as soon as something like this comes to sprint hopefully with lte, I will be on it like white on rice.
  • That's pretty impressive how thin they were able to make being quad core and all... but it certainly looks very bricky. I wonder how much of a difference quad will effect every day normal use?
  • Looks like I will be returning the SG2S haha
  • i think that HTC should start making a phone legacy. one name... like droid, or iphone, or galaxy s. they keep finding a new name for each phone. even the EVO is a good name. i hate all the new names all the time.
  • This thing looks like a work horse. It better be all battery considering HTC's current crop of LTE phones. As all smart phones start to cross the line to small tablets or even small computers power will be the main issue. Apple seems to be the only company paying attention to this fact. (HTC TB w/extended battery and LTE goodness)
  • Whoa, that's all I can really say I mean HTC loves switching up there designs (they also love there weather lol). The Sensation is really my favorite design and the Amaze is good also but these specs are just RIDUCLOUS!! And people, quit crying over thin smartphones, HTC is not known for that and with a super thin and light phone how do you expect to take pictures? You'll just end up with a dropped phone and u can't cram these chips into a 5 mm phone just yet, we've just start mass producing and demanding them!! lol
  • Im loving it :) Really hope T-Mobile gets this hehe
  • Oh my god!
    I hope Samsung will be realeasing the Galaxy s3 faster because of it
  • Almost the same size as this one... In other words, far too big :-S
  • Good! The on screen ICS buttons are BUTT UGLY and take up space. I really hope that phones are still made with capacitive AND home buttons.
  • actually on screen buttons take up less space than capacitive buttons because they can be hidden when using an app in full screen. So you effectively get a larger screen and the size of the device stays the same.
  • HTC Edge, hmmmm fits the phone if it comes to AT&T because that is the only data speed you will ever see.
  • This comment was typed using HSPA (on a Captivate, Thats why no +).
  • planning on skipping dual core and go straight quad. At least thats the plan for now. Dont know how long i hold on to the Tbolt.
  • That's my plan as well! No point in going for a dual-core phone from my Nexus S when quad-core devices have already been announced. Well at least one - Transformer Prime. I could wait a few months.
  • Specs for spec's sake?
  • My upgrade in november 20th and i was not impressed with the bionic leap in performance vs my droid x and the rezound looks real nice having a 720p screen unlike the bionic and faster processor but I really think to take full advantage of that high screen a quad core and better gpu with ics will make the hardware pair up well with the new screen rez offer good battery life and hopefully have the next gen lte radio's. This will be a mature 4g phone that will last a whole day with great speed audio and reception. IF it is due in march I will wait for it and skip the rezoud.
  • bah on showing me the next one before i'd had the chance to buy my nexus >_<
  • This is the type of phone I have been waiting for. I will hold onto my rooted HTC Evo 4G until some HTC phone like this comes out. I want a HTC phone, and not a Nexus. This has guaranteed that I won't switch to iPhone which I have been contemplating since July. Thank you HTC.
  • Please come to AT&T with NFC LTE and beats Headphones and ICS. PLease Please
  • Damnit HTC! I was just getting ready to settle for the Galaxy Nexus and now you have to go waving around this goodness. If only a carrier and date was mentioned, I might just wait.
  • Would be beautiful in a 4 inch screen or a 4.3 inch without capacitive buttons. As it is it is just another ugly tablet wannabe.
  • Size is perfect, cant see anything on a 4inch screen, five me 4.7 or even 5. Not a tablet wannabee at all, its an all in one that eliminates the need for multiple devices. I am a gadget freak and just cant see myself buying a tablet that I can't have with me all the time and it not as complete as any of the 3 laptops I've got. I have a netbook thats smaller than most tablets and do ten times more. Give me something that I can use to COMFORTABLY read e-books, surf the web, watch movies and videos and that I have on my waist at all times with a battery that last all day. Not to mention something with phone capabilities and a great still camera and camcorder.
  • This Is Sprint Next Phone...
  • Boy, I am sure hope you are right. This is a REAL next generation phone and blows the NEXUS to smitherines.
  • its good they dont have the onscreen buttons, it seems to me just a waste of battery to power that section of the screen just to show buttons. if like on honeycomb, they will not actually show anything else, it really doesnt matter other then just for looks.
  • Wow.....who cares. Now that Nexus is coming to Verizon I will stay on that wagon until it disappears.
  • Big screen and quadcore, now that s tempting, hope it will hit VZW
  • Thing is why push quad cores when they haven't fully optimized duo cores yet. OEM's are moving to fast for their own good IMO. All that power under the hood with 20min battery life, no thank you.......
  • This is a beast my upgrade is november 30th so the razr rezound and nexus will likley be out. But I am thinking the december is a crzy moth for me being in retail and with the extra hours and the holiday shopping I will wait till january and at that point if all I gotta do is wait two months for a quad phone why not. It looks like dual core will be a short lived set up and the quad will be around for a while just get faster and may have ics native.
  • I wish it would have a docking station so would act as tablet, since a phone would be more useful, than a tablet (can't use it to make phone calls). Like the ASUS Transformer prime which is a tablet and a docking station, but the problem is, you can't make phone calls..