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HTC Desire ROM leaked, ported, and we squee like little girls with Nexus Ones

When HTC announced the Desire last week at Mobile World Congress, it basically was billed as the Nexus One, with Sense (and a track pad to boot). But those of us with Nexus Ones knew it would only be a matter of time before we'd get to play, and that day is here.

Paul from MoDaCo has been a key player in the Android ROM community, and he's got a version of the Desire's ROM up and running on the Nexus One. If you're not squeamish about rooting and hacking and all that jazz, head here, read the instructions, and give it a shot. We'll be poring over this ROM for a little while and sharing our impressions. So stay tuned, everybody. (And thanks to everyone who sent this in.)

  • So when can we expect something similar for the droid?
  • it shud work on the droid, but keep in mind that its gonna run better on the nexus one due to most of the hardware being EXACTLY identical, and this is an alpha release meaning its even earlier than beta
  • You murdered your N1 and replaced it's soul with something unnatural!!! Somebody call 911! Is there an exorcist in the house?!
  • with android 2.1 with it, yes it probably does have adobe 10.1
  • I read that it has Adobe 10.1 player in it. Is that true?