HTC Desire with AT&T (and Rogers, Telus, and Bell) 3G bands at the FCC

Just seen at the FCC: the HTC Desire is sporting AT&T and Canadian operators Rogers, Telus, and Bell 3G bands. While this is far from an announcement, for our readers in the frozen North it means that you may be seeing the incredible Desire (see what I did there?) sooner rather than later. There is no confirmation or anything to suggest this is going anywhere except for Telus but, this does give some hope that the spiffy phone will be seen on the Death Star in the US at some point. And if not, well, you'll be able to import it and use it with AT&T. [FCC via Engadget]

  • I wonder if it has a better multitouch sensor than the N1?
  • "for our readers in the frozen North..." It's 104F today :S
    (Ottawa On)
  • But what is that in American degrees?
  • 104F = 40C I pre-converted it for you guys :)
  • Lol, I was like WTF is 104...and then the re-conversion of 40. Ahhhhhhh.Also, on the phone side note. While I already have been unimpressed with Canada's line of Android/Smartphones(Xperia 10? ..Liquid E .. Seriously STILL the Magic?) this phone gives me hope.. but doesn't send me thrashing around on the ground in happy delirium. I read countless sites and forums(Phone dog, Android as of recently, Youtube...) and seeing these jacked up phones of 4'' and 3''7 and snapdragons etc etc... It doesn't STILL yet tickle my fancy. I've been hanging onto my unlocked Storm2 waiting for the ancient 6.0 until my contract is up for renewal in February. The problem is Rogers my carrier has a small weak selection of Android devices and in the States I just see lust packed into these wicked devices. I am happy, really I am on this news but, ... I can't help but to compare :(
  • Ohhh, also - I have no Android phone yet, and love this site I joined! It'll give me up to date news on this Android world I am slowly acquainting myself with, and any news, tips or insight on upcoming devices (be it personal experience) would be appreciated! great site, love it..(Kind of cheating on Crackberry - But not! Lol).
  • Funny. The 850MHz HTC Desire has been Available on Telstra in Australia for several months :) Still, I don't really see the benefits of the Desire over the Nexus one other than the sense interface!