HTC brings 'Media Sync' to the Wildfire, more devices soon

HTC has added the ability to sync media with the HTC Wildfire using the latest version of HTC Sync (3.0). As of right now, the feature is Windows-only, and compatibility with all media players is not known. Here is a quote from the announcement:

'Now packed with new features, this version features a media sync that is compatible with popular media players available on your PC'

"Popular media players" is a vague term, so we're not sure if iTunes is included in that bunch. 

If you have an HTC Wildfire and want to start syncing media easily, download the latest version of HTC Sync here. Install it, plug it in with a USB cable and you should be good to go!

While the Wildfire is the first phone to be anointed with media sync, HTC said that other phones would get this feature "very soon." [via Android Community]

Sean Brunett