HTC asked Robert Downey, Jr. to star in a series of short promo videos for the HTC One M9, and the result is ... interesting.

In the past HTC has done quite a bit of work with Robert Downey, Jr. to promote their devices, and they are back again for the HTC One M9. The ads that come from the joint efforts have been rather different over the years, and the newest set of short-films is no different.

Each video is based off of a different color, but beyond that it is hard to find any other unifying characteristics. HTC describes the collection thusly:

These playful vignettes juxtapose the sleek, color--‐changing attributes of the new HTC One with timeless pop--‐culture inspirations, from The Prisoner to Andy Warhol to Charlie Chaplin. Viewed individually or as a whole, the M9 Project speaks to the HTC philosophy: One Life. Make it Count.

Don't forget to check out our hands-on time with the HTC One M9 after watching the short videos above.

Source: HTC