Over at Pre Central today HP unveiled their brand new TouchPad running webOS. Although we're rather XOOM focused here there is no denying the new TouchPad is fine piece of hardware. A 9.7-inch display at 1024x768, weighs a little more than 1.5 pounds and has a dual-core Qualcomm 8660 Snapdragon processor at 1.2GHZ. All of that backed up with 1GB of RAM and comes in 16GB or 32GB's. Just in case that wasn't enough to tickle your fancy, you'll also be getting a front-facing 1.3MP camera for video calling and a 6300 mAh battery. Overall, we're pretty impressed with what HP did with the TouchPad. The specs and hardware look great but we're waiting to see more. Although, we'll be waiting for summer to hear pricing and availability.

HP didn't stop at the TouchPad announcement though. They did go on to announce the HP Veer and the new Pre 3 all of which was in addition to what was most likely the most unexpected announcement. Yes, HP is dedicated to working on a complete ecosystem with webOS and they will indeed be working toward bringing it to PC's in the near future. Not a lot of details were outlined in that area but it's certainly something interesting to ponder. The Palm name may be dead but we're liking what HP has done thus far with webOS. Head on over to the source link for more details and highlights. [Pre Central]