How's your battery life on the Galaxy S10e?

Holding the Samsung Galaxy S10e
Holding the Samsung Galaxy S10e (Image credit: Android Central)

The Galaxy S10e, Samsung's most affordable S10 variant, does a lot right for its relatively small price tag. Speaking of small, it also has the smallest battery capacity of the entire S10 family coming in at 3,100 mAh.

Despite its smaller nature, some of our AC forum members actually seem quite pleased with its performance.

After about 3 weeks of use and just a little tweeking, I can honestly say I am pleased with this 3rd option from samsung. Probably not alot of S10e folks but I am one of them and yes I have the big boys too. And I continue to use it as my Daily Driver. What a package for folks that needed a compact phone with a flat screen.


So glad you're liking it! It takes a while for the battery to adjust to your specific user patterns - it's good that you stuck with it and tweaked things around! I gotta say, in actually considering the S10e. I want the P30 but the S10e has a flat screen and is IP 68 certified, and is less money... How are you liking the side fingerprint scanner? I think it's so innovative. I think Nokia...


I have the Exynos version and the battery lasts me 2 days easily!

Super Spartan

What about you? How's your battery life on the Galaxy S10e?

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