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How to use the Simple home screen on Honor 8

Are you looking to make the Honor 8 even simpler to use? The icons can be somewhat small, and the settings list too long, but all of that can be changed. You don't have to squint to try and find what you are looking for, or scroll for hours looking for something that you can't find. In just a few simple taps you can turn that pesky home screen into one that is much easier to see and use. Here's how you do it.

How to enable Simple home screen on the Honor 8

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Scroll to Home screen style.
  3. Tap on Simple.
  4. Select Apply.

Once you've applied the Simple home screen you'll be presented with a whole new look. The icons are nice and big so they are easy to see and press. The menu becomes much simpler, but you will still have access to the longer scrolling list if you want. Pressing and holding on an icon will allow you to remove or add new icons. There are two pages of apps, the calendar icon shows you the next task on your schedule, and the colors make it easy to see what is what.

If you find the original home screen too complicated or hard to use, you'll want to check this one out for a simpler experience.

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  • Great for grandma. Lol
  • Great for grandpa too!
    ...and that would be me :)
  • Hey! Live Tile- lookalikes :) Serious upgrade of the clean design factor Android always seems to lack. Makes the transition to Windows Mobile even easier. Windows, mostly superior, often Coming Soon :( (Yes I use Android, but miss the ease of Windows every day. And yes, I will be switching back once my device is written off)
  • I have never tried this before. Maybe I'll try it sometime. Guessing that it works best for system apps.
  • Thus would probably help my mom and dad a ton lol.
  • One of the reason why I installed Launcher8 launcher on my parents' Android phones. The buttons are much easier to access.
  • That's really nice! As it stands, my current home screen is a weather widget, a clock widget, and icons for dialer, messages, contacts and calendar.
  • Finally! Good to see someone else also bringing in the 'Lite Mode' from MIUI. This should kind of become a norm on all Android devices. This is so useful for old people. I'd love to see Honor update this regularly. Xiaomi did introduce the Lite Mode to the Android world, but it hasn't done anything in ages to evolve the UI of that or add more options. I'd like to see a more modular approach for this kind of UI in the future where you could customize what you want to hide inside each app to make it more basic. Good going Honor. I come from the Apple ecosystem, but I guess THIS is what the iPhone lacks. It has a lot of options for the blind and handicapped people, but THIS is what is more important.... Scaling on homescreen!!!