How to use Flowmotion in Kingdom Hearts 3

One of the best features of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance was the introduction of Flowmotion in battles and in traversing the world of Kingdom Hearts. This meant that you could use speed to get further away or closer to your opponents, and it made getting to places easier. Kingdom Hearts 3 makes this Flowmotion concept even better! We'll talk through Flowmotion and how you can use it through Kingdom Hearts in battles and in the worlds.

How to use Flowmotion to move through Kingdom Hearts

Like the graphic above states, using your left analogue stick in midair and pressing the Square button will allow you to activate Flowmotion.


Air Steps are glowing spots in the world where Sora is able to warp towards a particular point. These glowing points are generally out of reach to the player otherwise.

  1. Press the right bumper button to activate the ability to airstep.
  2. Using the analog sticks put the glowing area inside the circle.
  3. Press the X button on Xbox or Square button on PlayStation to use airstep.

It can take some time to get it perfect, as there is a timer that counts down for you to get it right.

Wall Running

Wall running is very simple in Kingdom Hearts 3.

  1. Look for a wall that has a sheen or water effect on the wall.
  2. Direct Sora to the wall and he will run up it.
  3. Use your analogue sticks to direct Sora as you please.

Rail Slides

Some of Kingdom Hearts 3;s most impressive moments have to be in the way Sora traverses the environment using rails to move around. These are readily identifiable by being glowing icons.

Simply jump on the ledge to glide.

Flowmotion in Battle

Battles can be a frantic affair in Kingdom Hearts 3 and as you'll quickly find out you need every advantage you can get to defeat your enemies! Flowmotion can be a way to turn the tide without having to rely on team attacks or keyblade transformations.

  1. Look for a wall or telephone post that has a sheen or water effect on the wall.
  2. Using your jump button press that when close to the wall and the press the X button (on Xbox One) or square (on PlayStation 4) to activate Flowmotion.

In battle you'll have the option of using specific attacks while in Flowmotion.

Here are some of the examples of attacks in Flowmotion :

  • When diving from a height, as you get closer to an object you'll get an option to attack it for extra damage.
  • You can spin around a pole using an attack similar to buzz saw in Dream drop distance.

With this you're hopefully now prepared to use Flowmotion in all the ways that are possible in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Specious Coda-Bishop