How to turn off Smart Bulletin on the LG G4

Smart Bulletin puts your appointments, step count, and your TV remote just a simple swipe away, but maybe you use Google Fit instead of LG Health. Maybe you use Spotify, not LG's Music app. Maybe QRemote doesn't work with your Insignia television. Whatever the case may be, Smart Bulletin isn't as smart as you'd like, and you'd like it to stop taking up space on your LG G4's homescreen.

Here's how to make it go away.

Two ways to shut Smart Bulletin up.

Swipe over to Smart Bulletin and tap the settings gear. You'll see the Smart Bulletin sections below for you to de-select and re-order, and in the top corner will be a toggle to turn Smart Bulletin off completely. Simply slide it from on to off and head back to the home screen, where you'll see the homescreen, but no little G in your page scroll indicator.

You can also turn Smart Bulletin off — or back on, if you start to miss it — in Settings. Under Device you'll tap Home screen, where you'll see Smart Bulletin. You can slide the toggle as desired without having to enter the Smart Bulletin settings. You may notice that Smart Bulletin will not show up using any launcher besides the stock Home launcher, but you may still want to head into Settings and disable it anyway.

Ara Wagoner

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