LG G4 screenshot — method 1

LG G4 screenshot

The easiest way to snag a screenshot on the LG G4 is the tried and true method of simply pressing the volume-down button and power button simultaneously. That's a little trickier on the G4 since both of those buttons are on the rear of the phone instead of on the side or top of the phone. But once you get used to where they are it's simple enough to do. For those who prefer their instructions in list form, we're talking:

  1. Get the screen that you want to take a screenshot of ready to go. There's nothing worse than taking a screenshot with an embarrassing notification peeking through, right?
  2. Press the volume-down and power buttons at the same time. At the very same time.
  3. And that's that. The screenshot gets saved into your "Screenshots" folder in your gallery, if you need to find it later.
  4. If you want to share it immediately, just hit the share icon on the screenshot. And ... share!