There are so many times we do awesome things in video games we wish our friends could have seen. Well, PlayStation makes it so that even if they aren't in the same room as you, you can share your gaming achievements with the rest of the world. There are plenty of options as to which social media you can share to or, heck, share to them all!

Sharing Videos

You can set your PlayStation to always record the last 10 minutes of your game play for you to share with your friends. You can opt into this option by following these 3 steps.

  1. Press the Share button.
  2. Select the Video option.
  3. A option will appear explaining what I just mentioned above. Select yes to opt in to this experience and viola!

So, now that you're all set up, if you've just completed a super cool achievement or got your first no-scope-mid-jump-head-shot let's figure out how to get that video uploaded to the internet!

  1. Hit the Share button located on your PlayStation Controller.
  2. An option menu will appear on the left, on the top of that menu you will select the same video option you pressed before to opt into video recording.
  3. Now select the social media you wish to share it to and sign in.
  4. Customize the message you will share your video and select upload at the bottom!

Now, if you want to change or edit the video just select the option button that will appear after you've selected which social media you want to share to.

Taking Screenshots

Other than video, you can always take a screenshot of what you're currently seeing on your TV. But, only as long as you are in an area of game play that allows screenshots to be taken. You'll notice most loading screens will give you a notification that video recording has been paused, meaning you can not take screenshots on this screen either.

  1. Hit the Share button located on your PlayStation Controller.
  2. On the bottom of the option menu that will appear on the left, you will see it tells you that you just took a screenshot.
  3. In order to save this screenshot, you must press the triangle button before you leave this option menu.
  4. Now press the Share Image button on the top of this menu.
  5. This will open a menu to chose which social media you wish to share to.
  6. After selecting the media you wish to share to, it will prompt you to edit the message and then upload!

The fast route of taking a screenshot that will automatically save is by pressing and holding the share button.

If you want to change the screenshot you're sharing select change selection on the screen you edit what you are posting (Step 6 mentioned above).


PlayStation 4 also gives you the option to sync your account with several different types of game streaming services, including Twitch. As long as you have your log in information for your accounts, you'll be good to get that set up, and heres how!

How to Stream only to your PlayStation friends

  1. Press the Share button on your controller.
  2. Press Start Share Play
  3. Select your party members and send the invitations!

Setting up your Online Streaming Account

  1. Press the Share button on your controller.
  2. Press Sharing and Broadcast Settings.
  3. Press Broadcast settings
  4. Press Link with Other Services.
  5. Log into the account you wish to stream from.

How to Stream Online

  1. Press the Share button on your controller.
  2. Select Broadcast Gameplay.
  3. Select your Streaming option. (I.E. Twitch)
  4. Select Start Broadcasting

Thoughts or Stories?

Did this article help you figure out how to properly share all of your PlayStation experiences with friends and family across the world? What are some of the experiences you shared! Show and tell in the comments below!

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