How to play the Outriders demo on PS4 and PS5

Outriders Gunslinger
Outriders Gunslinger (Image credit: Square Enix)

Outriders was intended to release on February 25 before being delayed to April 1. To honor that initial date in a sense, People Can Fly and Square Enix decided to release an open demo today on all platforms. This demo is a lot bigger than what other games may offer, clocking in at around three hours and offering players the chance to play the beginning of the game — main quests, side quests, and all, along with the ability to enable cross-play.

You can download the Outriders demo on PS4 and PS5 to start testing out which character classes you'd like to use once it releases in April. Though it can be played solo, Outriders requires an online connection. The demo will remain live up to and beyond the game's launch so you don't need to worry about playing through it right away.

Though the first few hours are open, players will be capped at level 7. The demo does not support trophies but your accomplishments and progress will carry over to the full release. The demo comes in at around 22GB on PS4 and PS5 but may be larger after decompression.

How to download the Outriders demo on PS4 and PS5

Outriders Demo Times

Source: Square Enix (Image credit: Source: Square Enix)

The Outriders demo begins at 12pm ET / 9am PT on February 25, 2021. Pre-loading is not available.

  1. Turn on your PS4 or PS5.
  2. Go to the PlayStation Store.
  3. Search for Outriders.
  4. Select the Outriders Demo.
  5. Select Download Demo.

Similarly on PC, you can go to and follow the same steps. Once the demo is live you'll be able to download it as long as you're signed into your account. You can find the Outriders demo here.

With any luck Outriders could become one of the best PS5 games when it launches, but we'll need to wait and see how everything pans out. If people have issues with the demo, it'll be up to the developers to take those into consideration and fix what's needed.

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