How often do you use Google Pay for NFC payments?

Google Pay Power Button Shortcut
Google Pay Power Button Shortcut (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

Being able to pay for things with your phone isn't a new concept in 2020. It's existed for years with platforms like Apple and Google Pay, with these services using the NFC chip in your phone to complete transactions at stores that accept it.

It's essentially the same thing as swiping your credit card or inserting its chip, but having that payment power built right into your phone is a nice convenience.

Some of our AC forum members recently began talking about their use of Google Pay, with the conversation going as follows:

Here in the USA phone payment acceptance is highly variable. Outside of major cities you must also carry credit cards, debit cards, and cash, in my experience. I find it isn't worth attempting to use Google Pay, because even if the store offers it half the time it doesn't work or takes longer than simply swiping a credit card. More than once I have been in line at Walmart when someone has tried...

Ten Four

I use Google Pay when I can -- I think it's convenient, and I'm satisfied with the security. These days, with contamination concerns, it's nice to do things completely contactless as well.

B. Diddy

Never used it myself, always have my cards on me if I need to contactless.


I use samsung pay or walmart pay. every once in a while I do google pay but lately only online. I do have kroger pay setup, just not used it yet since kroger is in another town.

me just saying

What say you? How often do you use Google Pay for NFC payments?

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Joe Maring

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • Every day, usually several times. I've only used cash once in the last 6 months.
  • Samsung Pay since day 1.
  • ^^^ This. I never use Google Pay unless transferring money.
  • Samsung Pay is hard to beat at the moment and I use it almost every time. I'm out shopping. It's the only thing that's really keeping me with Samsung at the moment and if Apple came up with a equally elegant solution. I would probably jump ship.
  • I thought at one time LG had an MST equivalent. I totally agree Samsung Pay is the number one thing that keeps me with Samsung
  • I use Google pay mostly. I have the option of using apple pay but I like Google pay better. I just scan the contact and go. I love it. I wish it was accepted at more places.
  • Samsung pay at stores and online for there cash back incentive. Tried Google pay, but the lack of stores that have a reader for it makes it inconvenient. Samsung having NFC and MST in there phones takes the guessing out of it.
  • I have Google Pay and Samsung Pay on my phone. I use Samsung Pay exclusively, almost daily. Not used Google Pay one time this year.
  • Live in UK and most places that use contactless now accept Google and Apple pay. I've been saved a couple of times when gone out and forgot my wallet so use it quite regularly. Wouldn't consider a phone without NFC purely for Google pay. Can also add your loyalty cards so makes it even more convenient.
  • I... Can't even remember the last time i was in a shop lol... It might be last year.
  • Samsung Pay when i had a Samsung phone. Got tired of Galaxy phones and moved on. Now it's Google Pay all the time, works everywhere.
  • Google pay is my goto pay option. As I'm in the uk pretty much all of the terminals accept it. Even more so that I have it on huawei watch so I can use that too. The only limit is the £45 that the banks have insisted on.
  • I live in the UK and use Google Pay constantly. In fact, I haven't taken my wallet with me in over a year. Pretty much all shops have contactless here.
    Samsung Pay sounds good, but is limited to Samsung phones and not many UK banks support it.
    Google Pay supports every bank I've used and has all of my loyalty cards in it too. And not having a £40 limit is great, I regularly get surprised looks buying items for £100s with contactless :-)
  • Agree also no need for MST payments here either, in fact I think they'd just be refused by the terminal as you can just pay with contactless!
  • I only use it for vending machines. I used it once at a department store when I forgot my wallet in the car.
  • Samsung Pay as much as I can but I still carry plastic cards.
  • I use Google Pay wherever I can, supermarket, drugstore, retailers like Staples, etc.
  • I use Google Pay about every day, works every time I love it.
  • Never. It's useless and riddled with security and privacy risks.
  • I use it multiple times a week without even thinking! Works perfectly in supermarkets, canteen at when, etc. Often don't even bother with a wallet now as phone works as car key (Tesla Model 3) and replaces my cars. Last got money out an ATM in January 😂
  • I use Google Pay all the time in the UK and have done for over a year now. You can use it anywhere here, from large outlets to a burger van. Can't remember when I last went out with a wallet.
  • Every time it is available to use.
  • I use GooglePay frequently and have for about 3 or 4 years. When i was in the UK in 2018 for two weeks, I used it for virtually everything. The BEST thing was in restaurants when they brought the reader to your table to pay and you just waved your phone. No card ever leaving your posession! Why can't we do that here?