How Maps Work on Android

Maps is going to be a big part of Android and the T-Mobile G1 has a lot of neat features that will allow it to be quite possibly the best GPS device on the market. The G1 combines a lot of technology and smart software into one slick package that'll deliver accurate real-life renderings.

The Maps program will be integrated with the phone and search, so when you find a location you want, you can't hit the call button immediately. Also, with GPS and My Location, Maps will always let you know where you are. But perhaps the most anticipated Maps feature is Street View with a built in compass. Because Street View gives you a 360 degree picture of your surroundings, a built-in compass controls the movement of Street View. It's essentially a looking glass into the world.

Do you believe that Maps on Android and the T-Mobile G1 will be the best GPS device on the market?

Casey Chan