How many Nest Wifi Points do you need for your home?

Nest Mini and Nest WiFi
Nest Mini and Nest WiFi (Image credit: Android Central)

Best answer: It depends on the size of your home. For smaller homes and apartments, we suggest purchasing the standalone Nest Wifi Router. For most houses, the Nest Wifi Router and Point is the best choice. Nest Wifi Points can also be purchased individually to expand your network as-needed.

How many Nest Wifi Points should you purchase?

For most apartments (and many smaller homes), the router alone should be more than enough, providing coverage for up to 2200 square feet. We expect most homeowners will be able to make do with the router and a single Wifi point.

You can also purchase the Nest Wifi Points individually. That way, if you encounter unexpected interference or your house is a bit larger than you thought, there's no need to stress. Nest still has you covered. Really, overall, it comes down to the size of your livingspace and how much area you'd like to cover.

Wifi for the whole home

Nest Wifi represents an evolution of Google's existing Google Wifi product line. As you might expect, the newer Nest products are significantly faster than their predecessors, enabling better speed, improved reliability, and more devices on a single network. That's not the only change Google's made with Nest, though.

Each Nest Wifi Point also doubles as a Google Home Mini, allowing you to play audio or access the Google Assistant from any room they're installed in. It's a neat touch, though it may feel a bit unnecessary if you already have speakers in every room of your home. Fortunately, as with Google Home, there's a physical switch that lets you turn off the Wifi Point's microphone.

Nick Greene