How long does the battery last on Oculus Quest?

Best Answer: The Oculus Quest battery should last 2–3 hours depending on usage.

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Tethered or untethered?

One of the major questions in VR has been how long can standalone or wireless VR headsets run for. Since PCVR headsets have a dedicated power supply, they can run as long as you'd like. Once wireless solutions and PC-less headsets started coming out, the issue of battery life was brought to the forefront.

How long can I game for?

In the case of the Oculus Quest, the device is designed to run for around 2 to 3 hours, which is about the same as the Oculus Go. This of course depends on what sorts of apps or games are being used at the time. Even intense games, such as Beat Saber, seem to last at least to the 2-hour mark with no problem.

Streaming media may use up more battery life than most apps. Since most VR sessions fall within this range, the device should have plenty of time for the average user. If you are looking to play for a longer time, the Oculus Quest does support charging while playing through a USB-C port. Though this is not recommended by Oculus, as the device will heat up, you can use this to extend your gameplay, either with a USB adapter, or a power brick in your pocket.

Rick Thayer