How long do you plan on keeping the Galaxy Note 9 for?

If you want a big Android phone that can do everything and then some, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is still one of the best handsets you can get. The Note 9 is chock-full of software features, its S Pen is more functional than ever before, and its gorgeous AMOLED display is still one of the best we've ever seen.

There's no denying that the Note 9 is a great phone, but with new devices being released all the time, it can be hard to keep your existing phone in your pocket and not go for something else.

With that being the case, how long do you plan on keeping the Note 9 for? Here's what the AC forum community has to say:

if the S10 wows me, I'll buy it. If not I'll wait and see what the Note 10 looks like. I usually keep my phone's until a new one comes out.


12 months.


Two years, maybe three. Should be enough time for 5G to settle in.


I just can't imagine a phone having anything else that could entice me to upgrade. It's the epitome of, the pinnacle of cell phone technology :D


What about you? How long will you be keeping your Note 9?

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Joe Maring

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  • I have an S8 Active. Will upgrade next year. The note is enticing and I think I'd use the s pen a lot. However, I love the ruggedness of the active. That is the bigger selling point. If the active is it I will buy. If not, then the note...
  • I'll keep mine until the Note 10 is released - Samsung yearly upgrade program.
  • I just bought the OnePlus 6T last week, and I still haven't swapped my SIM card in. The Note9 is pretty much amazing. I was thinking the OnePlus 6T would be cool enough that I could sell the Note9 and make a few bucks, but I am not sure I can give it up
  • I want to say...til death due us part.
    But I'm in the yearly upgrade program from Samsung.
  • Wow! Just, wow on the headline. A preposition at the end of the sentence. What do they teach in college journalism now?
  • Indeed! The question mark should have been placed after the nine.
  • I think I kept for two months, phone addict 😂
  • Most likely till the S10 comes out. Miss the smaller phone and spen sits in the phone most of the time.
  • Until 5g is out on a note device.
  • Till note 10 Arrives....
  • I tend to carry around 2 phones. I'll also get the Note 10 in 2019. In 2020 I'll sell my Note 9 and get the Note 11 to add to my Note 10.
  • Four years (8/512).
  • Probably when they make a phone that can do my laundry for me....or are if the Note10 or NoteX wows me, maybe for....3 or 4 years, but I'll be buying the Asus ROG phone in December as well as hoping for the PS5 to emerge or Xbox Two X to show itself😂😂