How to level up fast in Pokémon Unite on Android

Pokemon Unite Charizard Cramorant
Pokemon Unite Charizard Cramorant (Image credit: Android Central)

Pokémon Unite is available on Android for everyone to play for free. This multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) pits players against one another in 5v5 arena battles where the team that defeats the most Pokémon and scores the most points wins. Players are able to evolve their Pokémon during battle, giving them an advantage against weaker foes. Do so quickly and you can gain the upper hand in a match, leading your team to victory.

Here are a few tips we have to level up your Pokémon faster in what's sure to be one of the best Android games in the past few years.

How to level up your Pokémon fast

Pokemon Unite Hectic Combat

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

Leveling up in Pokémon Unite is fairly simple and occurs naturally throughout each battle. Players' Pokémon always start off in their first evolution at Level 1. Though everyone will generally level up at the same pace, there are a few tricks you can use to level up even faster. Don't stay idle and you should be evolving your Pokémon in no time.

Defeat wild Pokémon

Wild Pokémon are easy to defeat and they are plentiful. While they won't reward the most experience, it's certainly a good farming method to level up fast, especially in the early game. They won't put up as much of a fight as another trainer's Pokémon and you won't have to worry about constantly being defeated.

Defeat other trainers

Defeating other trainers is much harder, but the risk is worth the reward. Not only do you earn a good amount of experience, but this also leaves their bases vulnerable so that you can score points with the Aeos Energy you've collected. You'll be able to tell a trainer's Pokémon from a wild Pokémon by their larger health bar and name.

Score points

No matter how many Pokémon you defeat, the real challenge of Pokémon Unite is scoring points. This is how you'll win a match, and it's also how you can gain experience to level up. By knocking out opposing Pokémon, you can collect Aeos Energy. Deposit it in an enemy's goal and you'll earn experience while getting your team one step closer to victory. Should you be hit by another Pokémon while you're trying to score, this will interrupt the process.

Get the last hit on Pokémon

Pokémon Unite is a team game, and that means your teammates may be attacking the same Pokémon as you. This gives you a huge advantage in a fight, but it also means you may not earn as much experience as you had hoped. The trainer who delivers the "killing blow," so to speak, and gets the last hit on a Pokémon will earn the most experience in that fight. Obviously, if you're taking on a Pokémon by yourself, you'll earn the maximum amount of experience.

Use an EXP Share

Though it acts a little differently than its mainline counterpart, the EXP Share is all about boosting your experience. As a held item, holding it can grant you additional experience in a match, making it much quicker to level up your Pokémon. Players can purchase the EXP Share in the game's item shop.

How to level up your trainer

Pokemon Unite Trainer Level

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

Your Trainer Level in Pokémon Unite is completely separate from your Pokémon's level in a match. You increase your Trainer Level by winning matches and earning Battle Points. There are ways to track this experience.

Win battles

There are three types of matches in Pokémon Unite: Quick Battles (unlocked at Trainer Level 8), Standard Battles, and Ranked Battles (requires at least five Unite licenses). Quick Battles reward the least amount of Battle Points while Ranked rewards the most, with Standard Battles coming up in between. Losing any of these will still reward you with Battle Points, but winning nets you a lot more.

During the screen where you select your Pokémon, you'll also want to take note of Beginner Bonus mark, displaying a little arrow in the lower righthand corner of the card. Using a Pokémon with this symbol will earn you extra Battle Points in a match.

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