How to keep your Oculus Quest safe from sunlight

With all VR headsets, but especially headsets designed to be mobile like the Quest, it is vitally important to keep them safe from the sun's rays. It only takes a few seconds to focus the sun's rays onto your screen and permanently burning marks into it. While you may get lucky and your headset might avoid any permanent damage, it's probably best to follow our tips, and the advice of Oculus themselves, and avoid the sun.

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How to keep your Quest safe from sunlight indoors

  1. First, secure your regular indoor playspace from sunlight by closing blinds that may face your lenses. Even sunlight through a window can damage your screen.
  2. When your play session is over, make sure you do not store your headset with the lenses pointing towards the sun. Ideally, store your headset in a case.

How to keep your Quest safe from sunlight outdoors

  1. If you have to transport your Quest outside, the first thing you should do is cover the lenses. Ideally, this will be done by putting the Quest in a case, but in a pinch, covering your lenses with a cloth will suffice.
  2. When transporting the Quest outside, do not remove the cover, or remove it from its case. As tempting as it may be, Oculus does not recommend using the Quest outside, and any damage caused from doing so will not be covered by the warranty.
  3. Wait until you are back inside before taking your headset back out.

By following this guide, your Quest's lenses and screen will be safe from sunlight. While it may not seem like much, sunlight is probably the quickest way to damage your headset. VR headsets are just inherently not sun-friendly, since the lenses quickly become a deadly magnifying glass. With regular maintenance and care, you can keep your VR headset in pristine condition.

Protection from the Sun

Oculus Quest Travel Case

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The best way to protect your Quest from the sun is to never let it get in the sun to begin with. The easiest way to accomplish this is a high-quality case. The official Oculus Travel Case is our top pick for all your Quest transport and protection needs. It fits the Quest perfectly and still have room for additional accessories.

Additional Equipment

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Rick Thayer