How to get Zeraora for free in Pokémon Unite on Android

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Pokémon Unite is officially out for the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices on iOS and Android now. For those unaware, Pokémon Unite allowed players who joined the game early to redeem a special free license for the Pokémon on Nintendo Switch.

While mobile players are still diving into what they hope to be one of the best Android games out, they may be wondering how they can grab the Pokémon. Here's what we know regarding the Pokémon and its return to the game.

How to get Zeraora for free in Pokémon Unite on Android

Thankfully, players who weren't able to play Pokémon Unite on the Nintendo Switch won't have to miss out on Zeraora, as there is a chance to get the Pokémon again. For mobile players, the Mythical Pokémon will be a part of a new special mission found inside Pokémon Unite that requires players win a set number of battles.

Winning 32 battles in the game will reward you with the Unite License for Zeraora, while also earning rewards along the way. The full list of rewards are as follows:

  • Win a total of 2 battles – 100 Aeos tickets
  • Win a total of 8 battles – 450 Aeos coins
  • Win a total of 16 battles – 50 item enhancers
  • Win a total of 32 battles – Unite License: Zeraora

Will there be another chance to get Zeraora in Pokémon Unite

Because mobile players didn't get a chance to play the full game if they didn't own a Nintendo Switch, TiMi Studio Group added in a special method for players to get the elusive Pokémon once again. However, it's unlikely that the character will become available after this, so if you want to make sure you lock in the Pokémon to your account, make sure you log in and complete the special mission to acquire Zeraora before it's too late.

Who is Zeraora?

Zeraora is an Electric-type Pokémon that was first introduced in the Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games on Nintendo 3DS. It isn't known to evolve from anything or into any other Pokémon. It was also made available in Pokémon Sword and Shield via a limited-time event, but cannot be acquired now that the event has closed.

In Pokémon Unite, Zeraora has a Speedster role, meaning it is pretty fast and also really good at getting getting quick attacks in during battle, as well as scoring points for your team.

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Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite is sure to be the next big addiction for Trainers worldwide. Battle it out in 5v5 matches and unlock new Pokémon to take out in the arenas.

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