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Those of us who've felt the crushing weight of the ban hammer upon our fragile skulls know the pain all too well. There are few things as sad as pulling up to your favorite digital hangout only to find that you're no longer allowed inside. If you've turned on your PS4 or PS5 to discover that you've been banned from participating, we wrote the advice below with you in mind. We'll show you how to get unbanned from PlayStation Network so you can get back to hanging out online.

Identify your error messages

If you cannot connect to the PSN, you will receive an error message. While the details given are somewhat sparse, they can give you an idea of where you stand. Start by writing down your error message and comparing it to the list below.

  • 8002A227: You cannot use PlayStation Network with this account.
  • 8002A231: Your PlayStation Network account has been suspended.
  • 80710016: For more information, go to WS-37397 Error Code (most often means PSN doesn't like something about your IP).
  • WS-37337-3: This PSN account has been temporarily suspended.
  • WS-37368-7: This PSN account has been banned.
  • WS-37338-4: This PS4 console has been permanently banned from the PlayStation Network.
  • WS-37397-9: Connection Error. For more information, go to WS-37397 Error Code (most often means PSN doesn't like something about your IP).

What to do if your account was banned or suspended

If your error code matches up to a suspension or a ban from the list above, here are your options:

  1. Go to the PlayStation website to check what rules from the ToS (Terms of Service) you may have broken.
  2. Check your bank. PlayStation Network has a near zero-tolerance stance on being owed money.
  3. If you find yourself temporarily banned from the PlayStation Network and you recently asked your bank to stop all payments or your account is empty, then that could be your problem.
  4. Try signing in on a different PlayStation 4 or a browser from your phone or computer.
  5. If you can sign in there, but not your console, the issue may be with your PlayStation and not your account.
  6. Give PlayStation a call at 1-800-345-7669.

If you've checked the ToS, are up to date on your payments, called PlayStation, and your account is still banned ... sorry, friend. It's time to make a new account.

What to do with a permaban

If you find yourself in a position where you're permanently banned, you may be out of luck. From everything I've heard, only the most severe offenses justify permanent banning from the network. However, if you're certain that your suspension or ban was erroneous, then your best course of action is to call PSN support.

The most effective advice I can give is to be patient and gracious with your representative to the best of your ability. I know it can be infuriating, but for the most part, the old saying about catching flies with honey remains true. So be polite yet persistent, and hopefully, you'll see a resolution in your favor.

PlayStation support number: 1-800-345-7669

Hopefully, you'll never see your PSN account on the receiving end of the ban hammer. But, unfortunately, from everything I have gleaned and experienced, the back-end of getting an account reinstated can be labyrinthine, exhausting, and torturous.

When you get back to PlayStation online

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