LG V10

Over time, the storage on your LG V10 slowly shrinks. We add apps and take pictures and video, maybe add a few HD music files or pin things with YouTube Red. On top of all that, there are temporary files getting downloaded and cached, as well as assorted junk we've downloaded from the Internet.

There are plenty of ways to get rid of the junk and get some free space back, but LG has a special utility that's a one-stop shop named Smart Cleaning, and it's built into your new LG V10.

You'll find Smart Cleaning in your device settings under it's own listing. Tap on it and you'll go right to the screen you see in the picture above. It shows you how much of your storage is in use, how much is free, and how much you can get back using the Smart Clean utility. There are three categories of stuff you can get rid of:

  • Temporary files: Comprised of apps' cache files and clip tray temporary files
  • Download folder: Odds and ends you've downloaded but never moved to a more permanent home
  • Idle apps: Apps that have been left idle for 1 month or more, and are able to be removed, will be highlighted here

Tap on one of the entries in the list, and on the screen that opens go through and pick the items you want to zap away but checking them off. Unchecked items will not be deleted. Once you've decided what to get rid of, tap the "Clean" button in the bottom right.

When you head back to the Smart Cleaning main screen, you'll be able to see how much space you've regained.

Now this is no substitute for wiping the cache clean like you would from the device recovery screen, and there are plenty of apps in Google Play that can do the same thing. LG has just put an easy way to do a little housekeeping right into the settings.

LG V10


Newer version: LG V20

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