Poll: How do you feel about gender pronoun fields on social networks?

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Social apps (Image credit: Android Central)

June is Pride Month which is all about celebrating diversity and inclusiveness. One way to accomplish this is by acknowledging and respecting each other's gender pronouns and how others choose to identify. While there's no shortage of companies who participate in "rainbow washing," some companies have actually gone the extra step to include more permanent ways to show support for individual identity by including prominent gender pronouns on user profiles.

Last month, Instagram introduced a pronoun field that shows up right next to a person's username. There's even an option to allow only followers to see one's personal pronouns. The feature launched in the U.S., Canada, the UK, and Australia, with "plans for more," and it only appears on the mobile app available on the best Android phones, but not the website. We can walk you through how to add your personal pronouns to your Instagram profile.

Right after, Twitter told Android Central that it was open to the idea of adding a field for pronouns on its profiles. Slack also released a pronoun field, and LinkedIn also has the option, signaling a move towards a more inclusive workspace as many continue working from home and relying on the best telecommunication apps.

That said, we want to know how you feel about more platforms adopting pronoun fields and if you plan to utilize them.

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