How to disable automatic downloads on your PlayStation 4

A PlayStation 4 Pro
A PlayStation 4 Pro (Image credit: Android Central)

To surprise you with a cool new game you might want to play, your PlayStation 4 is set up by default to automatically download game updates the moment a publisher makes them available. It's a nice feature, right until it isn't. Whether you're on a metered internet connection some of the time or you want some additional control over how your console handles data, sometimes you want to shut this feature off.

Here's how to disable automatic downloads on your PlayStation 4.

Disabling Automatic Downloads

Accessing this feature means diving deep into your system settings. Here's how you get it done.

  1. Go to your Settings on the PlayStation 4

  1. Scroll down to select System once you're in the settings
  2. Select Automatic Downloads once you've selected System

  1. Uncheck the box labelled System Software Update Files, this will stop your PlayStation 4 from downloading software updates.
  2. Uncheck the box labelled Application Update Files, this will stop all of your applications from downloading updates when you don't want them to.

You've successfully disabled your automatic downloads. Be sure to check all of your games and apps frequently for updates before they use them, otherwise you might find yourself needing an update before you are allowed to play online with friends!

Kennedy Maring