Best answer: A Cobalt Mirror can be crafted from 50 Ionized Cobalt, but you'll first need to have its blueprint in order to do so.

Where to find Cobalt and Ionized Cobalt

Cobalt isn't exactly common, but it's not too hard to come across. When you're out in space just use your scanner on planets until you find one that lists Cobalt as one of its materials. This shouldn't take long as it can be found in almost every system. On the planet, Cobalt can be found in large deposits and can collected with a Terrain Manipulator. Ionized Cobalt can be found similarly through large crystals on planets with the use of an Advanced Mining Laser, but because it's rarer, the easiest method is collecting Cobalt and using a Refiner. Two Cobalt will yield one Ionized Cobalt.

Where to find blueprints

Blueprints can be found in Manufacturing Facilities on planets. Stay in your starship to blast the doors open because Sentinels will be guarding them. If you can't find a Manufacturing Facility, use a Signal Booster and search for Secured Frequencies. Blueprints are found at random, no there's no way to ensure that the one you get will be for a Cobalt Mirror. It's all dictated by the luck of the draw. Thankfully, once you find a blueprint you have it forever, so you'll be able to craft Cobalt Mirror without finding another so long as you have the ingredients.


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