How to complete the third act of Returnal on PS5

Returnal Spotting The House
Returnal Spotting The House (Image credit: Android Central)

The psychological horror roguelike Returnal has arrived on the PlayStation 5 and is one of the best games on the system. The fast-paced bullet hell action, light Metroidvania elements, and gorgeous visuals and performance that showcase the power of the PS5 all help Returnal stand out in the crowd. The plot of Returnal is also a wild ride, and Selene's never-ending cycle isn't broken when the credits roll the first time.

After clearing all six biomes, you might find yourself left with more questions than answers. Who was the White Shadow? And why is Selene still trapped in this cycle? Well, there's a third act waiting to be completed, but the path to the game's true ending isn't clear. If you're scratching your head and wondering what to do, we're here to help. Here's how to complete the third act in Returnal on PS5.

A house haunted by memories

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In the first biome and the fourth, Selene will come across a house similar to the one she lived in back on Earth. When you enter the house, you'll switch to first-person view and explore memories from Selene's past and unlock a personal item. These items are incredibly helpful, so it's worth checking in on the house whenever you're able to see if you can access it. After accessing and completing five house sections, you won't be able to enter the house again, and you'll see a message that reads "Dark" when you approach the house. Selene will comment that she cannot leave until the house is burned down.

So what does that mean? Well, there's a hint that flashes during the cutscenes that flash during the latter half of the game. A fixture of the sun is shown prominently, hanging on a wall inside of a house. You have to find that sun and destroy the house for good.

The sun is split into six sections, one in each biome. To find it, you'll have to search high and low to find each sun piece next to one of Selene's dead bodies. To transport between older time periods, use the device found in Helios that becomes available after defeating Ophion for the first time.

Affix the sun

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Once you've found all six pieces of the sun, you'll be able to enter the house again for one last trip through Selene's past. At the end of it, you'll wake up back outside looking down at what was the house. If done correctly, you'll unlock the Sins of the Mother trophy, and you'll have the keys to a Sedan.

We're not done yet, though. Now, you'll have to clear the fourth, fifth, and sixth biomes again. Remember that you can skip right to the final biome, but it might be worth taking your time to prepare. The final boss throws everything and the kitchen sink at you, so collect as much Silphium Resin as you can to increase your max health, hold onto an Astronaut Figure and a Child's Watch, and find a good gun with plenty of skills.

Once you've defeated Ophion and it sinks deeper into the water, follow it down. Now follow the path you'd normally walk but stop at the car. Use the keys on it to unlock the final cutscene in the game, and you'll unlock the White Shadow trophy after the credits roll.

Death is not the end

The way that Returnal's story is presented is unconventional, but it's wonderfully haunting. You can continue to explore Atropos and hunt down any missing Xenoglyphs, items, and secrets still waiting to be found, and if you want to track Selene's progress down the rabbit hole, look out for her Scout Logs. Returnal is one of the best games on the PS5 and one of the best games of the year. If you need help conquering Returnal's unforgiving biomes, check out our Returnal tips and tricks guide for beginners.

Ascend and break free

Guide Selene through the mysterious planet of Atropos and break the cycle she's trapped in.

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